Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool

It is said that Ynys Seamaide stands upon the grounds of the last great battle of the Elder ones, the Tuatha da Dana and the Femorians. The land holds the key to their banishment. For years, Seamaide has been a haven for those seeking a peaceful life. Its waters, it is said, are doorways to other realms. Behind a reflection in each pool lies a new world, a secret that should have been better kept. And now, a thrall of the Elder race, a dark sorceress, has poisoned the land, turned life against itself. There is yet hope, however, as the Envoys of Seamaide have traveled to the Spirit Pool in search of answers and healing. Will you help them find the cure?

Arriving at the spirit pool, the envoys of Seamaide discover that all is not well here and the Spirit Pool itself is weakening. Some sort of poison has entered the atmosphere, tainting the air, the water and the land, threatening the life force of everything. The quest to save Seamaide has become something of much greater magnitude and will need maximum effort from all beings of all origins to save the world as we know it.

Envoys meet with spirits of sea, land, air and fire. Some are benevolent, some not so. Some want to help, some to create mischief. Some speak in riddles. Some lie.

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