Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool – Background

Like all good tales ours starts with ” Once upon a time….”

There was a great War between the elder races.  The Tautha  de  Dana and the Femorians.

The war raged, leaving the lands in ruins and the tides flowing red with the blood of the Fallen.  

It was the sacrifice of one of the wylde folk, a young girl who stepped forward and gave herself to drive the Elder ones into hiding.  

But, alas, the war still lingers.  

The Elder ones still fighting their eternal conflict by whispering in the ears of their descendants, and guiding the footsteps of mortals.

An uneasy truce between the creatures of land, water, earth, and sky hangs in the balance.

So begins the legend of Ynys Seamaide, a beautiful place of stories and songs, where whispered myths come to life, and one can gaze across the ocean and see forever.


Come join our story and make us part of yours

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