Timetable of Events in A Suitor for the Queen

Events take place in Twilight Illusion.

Friday April 22, 4-5:30 pm slt
The Queen’s Dilemma

Queen Comet has to make a decision. She has learned of yet another plot devised by the Dark Prince to take her lands and her people should she not submit to him in marriage. She and her Court must find a solution quickly.

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Saturday April 23, 5-7 pm slt
The 1st Challenge: Test of Courtly Manners

The Queen’s suitor must a true gentleman and worthy of a lady’s favor. During their first challenge, suitors must win the favor of the queen’s ladies by preforming poetry or a song for them, followed by a dance. The winner shall be the suitor who has proven his chivalrous demeanor with the most favors.

It is rumored that certain members of the court are not above a little bribery…


Sunday April 24, 5-7 pm slt
The 2nd Challenge: Test of Metal (Fencing)

The Queen’s suitor must also be a worthy swordsman and be able to face his would-be nemesis with courage, steely nerves and élan! The would be suitors will test their skills with a fencing match where they can demonstrate not only their prowess with a blade, but their sportsmanship.


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Tuesday April 26, 5-7 pm slt
The 3rd Challenge: Gifts of Gratitude

The Queen’s suitor will be able to give the queen gifts that speak to her heart. The would-be suitors will be presenting the queen with gifts and explaining why they believe their gifts to be of value. The ladies of the court will examine each gift for its worth, both material and emotional. Each gift will show the devotion of the suitor.


Thursday April 28, 4-5 pm slt
Mysteries Revealed

There is something afoul in the air. The Captain of the Guard is worried something is off and has postponed the court events to allow all those loyal to the crown look for clues and search for answers. Join the Captain and her Guard as they search for clues to what the Dark Prince is up to.

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Friday April 29, 5-6 pm slt

Nothing is as it seemed, the court is devastated by what the Captain and her people  have found. What will they do now? What is to become of the Queen’s contest? They have gone so far, but despair hangs in the court like your Aunt Margie’s toxic perfume.


Saturday April 30, 5-7 pm slt
The Final Challenge

The Queen has made a decisions. Her challenge is the last, will anyone be able to complete it? What will happen?

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Participation information:

Our Live Roleplay will be completely impromptu and preformed by some of our roleplayers. We would like to invite you to take part in this event as a guest from a foreign land wishing to win the hand of the queen, aiding in the Dark Prince’s plot, or working with the Queen’s Guards to uncover the plot.

If you are interested in participating with us please contact Nightwolf Miliandrovic or Pelinor Aurotharius for more information.

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