The Rise of the Blood King: Daily Updates

from The Home of Sanctuary in Dangernon

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Thursday April 21st
The Gypsy Arrives

Today the old Gypsy Queen came to show all and sundry the danger that awaits.

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Martine gave her tea and cookies while she told the story of the Red King, also known as the Blood King. He was imprisoned a very long time ago by the Sultan Lut in the deep desert. His prison is of crystal and is surrounded by an ever-raging whirlwind of sand as well as an army of the dead.

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The storm and army of dead won’t hold him for long, once the prison breaks. This time he’s not just after control and destruction of Sanctuary, but the myriad of worlds beyond.

The Gypsy Queen presented the visions to Martine and anyone brave or foolhardy enough to come and see. The prison, the glowing crystal within and the Red King raging inside. Some were not convinced. But Martine was and a demon as well, though she admitted she was trusting.

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Belial, of course, tried to throw a wrench into the warning and said that, “all vampires should just bring straws.”

The old Gypsy walloped him with her cane. He in turn threw her into the sands. She cursed him with diaper rash. He stalked away with sarcasm on his lips and scratching his backside.

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Saturday, April 23rd
A Trip To Hell, Warnings Ignored


The Gypsy Queen came again. This time not to tell, but to show of the birth of the Blood King. As Martine was serving refreshments to the various heroes and villains coming to learn of the Blood King’s origin, Belial stormed in threatening to rob them all and claimed that the Gypsy and Martine were lying. The Gypsy then opened a portal to the past allowing those that had come to see the battle of heaven and hell and where the Blood King was born.

The Blood King

As the group watched the battle of one particular angel and demon, they saw in the corner that the blood that had fallen from the two had begun to pool and form into the Blood King; formed from endless hate and pain from both angels and demons that had fallen in the great battle.


The Blood King had only one desire – destruction of all creation. It formed it’s armor from the bones of angels and poison from their tears. It was truly an abomination walking the earth only to bring death and destruction. As the scene ended the Gypsy proclaimed her strength was gone and she would need time to recover. She told the various heroes and villains that were assembled to come back Monday and she would deliver a plan to defeat the Blood King once and for all. Hopefully it won’t be too late…



Monday, April 25th
The Threat, A Prophecy Foretold

Today as Martine kept company with the gypsy, many guests came to hear her words, The Gypsy Queen spoke of what might be done about the Red King, aka the Blood King, and spoke a prophecy.


Belial revealed his power mad streak, and was repeatedly cane poked by the old seer, and has likely now been cursed to a bad case of dandruff.


The prophecy is as follows:
A weapon forged in Hell…a very special weapon…must be blessed by Heaven…then it too must be wielded by someone VERY special…The warrior, to defeat the Red King, and make it so that he can once again be imprisoned, must be one who has Fallen… and Risen again.


Who this warrior is she cannot yet say, but she has said that the more who come to seek the weapon next time in the Maze of the Minotaur, and to do battle with the Blood King, the better the chances are that they shall be found!


Wednesday, April 27th
The Quest Begins At The Maze Of The Minotaur

Today’s travel was to the Maze of the Minotaur, a place in Hell, to find the sword that must be cleansed and used, as foretold by the prophecy, to defeat the Blood King. The Gypsy sat to wait on the other side of the Portal while the rest sallied forth!

Minotaur 6

The maze was explored, and as Martine became for a time lost with several others, Belial first found the Minotaur. Several came directly to aid him, and finally Martine and the group with her found their way as well. A deal was attempted with the monster but ultimately could not be reached.

Minotaur 2
Minotaur 5

As Candi tried to purify the altar with holy water, Kon and Strixges fought fiercely. Curious Q! went at the huge ManBull with his two swords and demon magic.

Minotaur 3

A very long and fierce battle ensued, with Candi winding up hanging from the Axe of the Minotaur and being swung about like a weapon, before Belial, though his other arm had been broken, finally stabbed the Minotaur in the open mouth with an axe, causing injury and distraction with his mighty throw. Finally, the many others could get in and do real damage, before the beast finally fell right on top of Martine!

Minotaur 1

Belial grabs the sword in the end…and runs!


Friday, April 29th
Complications: The Angel Blesses The Sword

Today a trip was taken to a pure and heavenly oasis – a place of peace. The sword was brought and finally handed over by Belial to be blessed by an Angel, whom all were asked to call to aid them.


Martine took the sword at the altar, as the Gypsy settled in on a cushion on the ground beside the others, and the Angel came. She asked something difficult though, so as to bless the blade – The willingness to bleed and die. Martine stepped forward, unsure if she could die, but more than willing to bleed, and so did Dusti, the Drow…for all she was with Belial, she showed for once and for all she is no coward, as both Martine and she fell on the blade.

Belial And Angel

The Angel healed them both and raised them back up, and proclaimed their courage and that they are both protected. The Gypsy was relieved, but also said that only those who have fallen and risen again in battle can face the Blood King…

Martine And Angel


Saturday, April 30th
The Release Of The Blood King: Finding A Hero

Today the heroes went to face the Blood King, as he escaped his prison in a shower of magical crystal. Belial was laughed at for holding the sword, and Martine took it, but had tripped. The Blood King created blood minions, and they protected him from any further blows by the heroes.

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Samantha suggested throwing Mr. B, aka Belial, at the Blood King, and Belial mostly ran clear, screaming out, see you around suckkkas!” Chylde called him a coward, and when she fell, Strix tried to protect Martine. The Gypsy was run through, and fell, and bled terribly of her wounds. Chylde went in to help her. Sam beat on the Blood King with a mace. Chylde grabbed at his ankles, and Martine ran him through with the magical sword, but was struck down in a shower of gore! Curious Q drew down on the Blood king, though all attacks were so far seeming almost entirely for naught, though Strixges again stabbed him in the chest. Chylde by now was unconscious, and Martine lay in a wounded ball bleeding on the ground.

Snapshot _ Dangarnon The Blood  King April 30th

Martine cried out for a retreat and threw a spell to slow the Blood King and freeze his minions for the moment, so that all might regroup and return to the fight. Kheira picked her up and took her to safety, as Curious Q rescued the downed gypsy, and for the moment, they all fled.

Snapshot _ Dangarnon Gypsy Faces the Blood King April 30th

Snapshot _ Dangarnon April 30th1


Sunday, May 1st
A Prophesy Fulfilled: Grand Finale

Today the heroes returned to the site of the prison of the escaped Blood King, so as to battle him, and save all of creation from his evil and rage. Belial tried to strike a deal, but the heroes were not having it.

Snapshot _ Dangarnon  3 May 1

Garret helped to carry the body of the old gypsy in, as Martine felt that she deserved to be there for the final battle, win or lose. Respect.



The Blood King called up many terrible creations and blades of blood. Most were injured, but fought on until suddenly, the Old Gypsy rose! She was now the angel that she truly had been, made to wander the lands for her role in the creation of the Blood King in that long past battle in Hell, and thereby given another chance. The rage and hatred of the angels that fell, and her own, and the blood of angels and demons together created the terrible foe.

Snapshot _ Dangarnon The Gypsy Angel May 1 2016 Finale 3

The angel called upon the warriors to stop fighting..that hate could not defeat this foe.

The prophecy was finally understood, and Garret, revealed to have been a demon who had contributed blood, handed over the sword to the Angel who now faced the Blood King with it, and just…touched him. At that time…it…thanked her! And the spirits of all the fallen angels from that battle all were free! All that anger and hate…gone. Hatred could not defeat the Blood King..only love.

Garret handed over 4

Snapshot _  Dangarnon 1 May 1

Of course, Belial then jumped down from above, to run off laughing with a bone of the Blood King…crying out that the others had done his work for him…and something to the effect of…”SUCKERS!” The angel called him Snake Boy and attempted some fleas on his person, but without hatred…then she proceeded with the rest of the angels to heaven.

Snapshot _ Dangarnon 6 May 1

The End.


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