The Rise of the Blood King: Background

The Blood King
The Blood King

After a great turmoil in Sanctuary, most hoped that peace would follow and that all would calm down, but a great earthquake hit the realm like the very earth was awakening from a long slumber and the skies rained blood as though the heavens were pierced.

The people of Sanctuary knew that no such peace would be in store for them anytime soon.

Then …

A mysterious woman appears in town with a prophesy that the Red King shall raise and all of man’s creations will be torn asunder.

The Gypsy
The Gypsy

Sadly, nothing from above or below, including mankind itself would be able to stop it.  But there is still hope within the prophesy she tells!

Now it is up to adventurers from far and wide to go to the depths of hell and the peaks of heaven to find and create such a weapon to weld against this ancient horror.

Will The Red King break free from his ancient prison and destroy all in his path or will a hero come to save us all?

Join the roleplayers of Sanctuary as they tell this tale throughout the days of Fantasy Faire!

Sanctuary will be based in Dangarnon.

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