The Mourngingvale Murders

May 3rd – The First Body has been Discovered!
This body has been badly mutilated.  Carved into the stomach is the word “Harlot”.  It is most likely the body of a female.  It’s been cut so much that it is hard to tell.  There are manacle scars and though there is very little blood present it is obvious that a great deal of damage was done to this poor soul … and most of it appears to be prior to death.  The knife work is quite excellent and by a trace upon the body it can be told that some of the abuse at least was sexual in nature.

Gripped in one hand clawed in obvious agony, and nails badly broken, are several strands of very long, black hair.

May 4th – The Second Body has been Discovered!
This body has also been badly mutilated. It might have been male. It is hard to tell however. It has been horribly cut, and burned as well. Again most of the damage upon fine inspection will prove to have been prior to death. There are cuts at ankles and wrists and about the neck from chains. The knife work is most fine and expert, done with a thin blade.

There is very little blood, but there is a small pool upon the ground and in this pool is a boot print. Or perhaps more accurately for the trackers out there…a HOOF print. As if a very large goat had stepped in it, or something else with hooves, possibly when dumping the body.

 May 5th – The Third Body has been discovered!
This is a horribly mutilated corpse…somewhat dessicated by the heat and dry nature of Sanctuary.  Someone of skill apparently took a knife almost lovingly to this poor female.  Upon careful examination it can be seen that the word WHORE has been carved into her front and various organs of a female nature have been removed and are laying NEXT to her.  Her eyes have also been removed and by the amount of blood around the wounds…it seems she was ALIVE when this was done.  She is much as a previous body picked up by the guard…but it seems that this time the killer may have simply taken even MORE time with her.  There are marks around her wrists and ankles still from chains, even in her condition this can be seen.

May 6th – A Fourth Body has been discovered!
This man has been both savagely beaten and mutilated.  Someone took a flail to him before taking a knife to him.  His eyes were gouged out while he was alive.  His tongue was cut out and he was also castrated upon examination. There is little blood at the scene, and he was also expertly worked over with a knife.  It was a small thin blade and there are many. many cuts.  His finger and toe nails were pulled out but the quick beneath is very bloody and horribly scratched.  There are manacle marks. Cut into his stomach is the word “Perversion.”

Caught in one of the wetter wounds is a small bit of paper. Upon inspection it can be seen to bear small, very precisely flowing handwriting, and may be a part of a biblical Latin.


May 7th – A Fifth Body has been Discovered!
Today another body was found, though it was hard to find due to the stench of death that came from this once holy church. As you walk up to the body you can tell that what was left had been brutally beaten and mutilated. Once again the body has had its eyes removed and the wrists and ankles show the marks of being bound during her ordeal. The victim must have been alive during this due to the fact that the skin around the eyes had small cut marks as if she tried to move and he missed popping out the eyeballs.

Upon careful examination the word SLUT has been carved into her into her front with slow and careful precision. All of her organs of a female nature have been removed and are not there, though where the killer might have taken is quite unknown. It does seem possible that he cut into her while she was still alive and she might have died of blood loss or shock of such pain. The woman’s hands were also removed with surgical skill. There is very little blood, except for a small pool next to the body. which suggest she was killed somewhere else and brought here which would explain why no one has seen the killing or heard any screams around here. Though why he chose to dump all these bodies here is unknown. In the blood pool is both a hoof print and human shoe print. Each looks like it would be a foot for the same person.

In one of the letters of SLUT that was carved in the body, is a small scrap of paper. Upon the paper is scrawled the words “Idle Hands.”


May 8th – A Sixth Body has been Discovered!
And yet another body was found today, making this the sixth body found in as many days. This body seemed to be worse. It was fully clothed but you can see the blood coming though the fabric. On closer inspection the body was cut with hundreds of small paper thin cuts over the skin. The person was alive during this due to he was bleeding from the wounds. though why he didn’t move wasn’t seen until closer inspection of the arm. A small red pinpoint sized mark was found in the antecubital space of the right arm.

The look of terror on his face, and widely stretched eyes would suggest that he was injected with some kind of drug to make him full aware of what was going on but unable to move. The eyelids of both eyes were sliced off, presumably so that he could see what was being done to him. Written on his forehead in black permanent marker was, “Those that sell flesh shall have no flesh.”

Checking the pockets revealed a wallet and ID which established he was a known pimp. Its possible that the killer found out he was a pimp and did this to him because of it.

The body appeared to have passed the point of the stiffening of rigor mortis, so one could assume that he’d died between 12 to 24 hours ago.



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