The LitFest Region Tours and Writing Challenges 2017

We can put you into the story.  The medium isn’t real.  The experience it creates in me is  what’s real.”  ~ Zander Greene, Fantasy Faire The Drax Files : World Makers Episode 4

We invite you to put your Fantasy Faire experience into words.  The Faire is brimming with stories: breathtaking builds and fantastical creations designed to touch your heart and soul.  What stories do they inspire in you?

Returning to Fantasy Faire’s Literary Fest this year are our LitFest Tours, leaving three times daily (at 12 noon,  5.00pm and 8.00pm SLT) from our home base on Kakushi Pasu to explore the Fairelands.

How does it work?  Three simple steps:

  • Join your guide at the top of the session, and travel to one of the ten unique fantasy regions.  Explore the region and open yourself up to what inspires you, what detail or overall impression sparks a poem, micro-fiction, or short story.
  • Return to LitFest home base (or your own personal quiet space) and realize in words the narrative and feelings inspired by the region featured.
  • Share your work in draft or final with the rest of the tour in a voluntary open mic, or submit your piece within 24 hours – either inworld or by email – to be posted along with others inspired by the same region. Sharing is voluntary.  Individual writers retain creative ownership of works shared.

Your guide is there to provide assistance.  Check the Literary Fest main page for scheduled sessions and destinations.

LitFest Tours Stories 2017

Stories from Mudrana

Stories from Raven’s Perch

Stories from Dawn’s Promise

Stories from Egregore

Stories from Fallen Sands

Stories from San Mora

Stories from The Hill

Stories from Chaddul Ro

Stories from The Spirit Pool

Stories from The Rose

A Tale of Opal Flight






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