The Gloom of Echtra: Updates


The realm of Echtra will be using experience tools in order to tell its story going forward. At the entrance and Great Hall there will be signs that offer the HUD.


Find the glowing footsteps.

Learn about the world of Echtra from the Hedgehogs and the locals. Get gifts to help immerse you into the lore of our cursed land and what can be done to save it from its Dreary Gloom.



Saturday 23rd April
The Children’s Tales of Ecthra


The Children of Echtra gathered to tell their stories to those who would listen.  Travelers of all shapes and sizes traveled to share in the tales of how this land was formed and the terrible curse upon it.

You can read all the tales here.


It was there that we learned the tales of the Grey Prince freezing the Dragon of Time and the curse placed upon the adults of Echtra.  Strifeclaw, Gaurdian of the Earth Stone, ended the tales by leading the group to the Sacred Forest and telling the final tale of the once Beautiful realm.

Only by coming together and summoning the Grey Prince can they hope to end their curse which takes all happiness away and leaves only a depressing Gloom in its place.  Join us Sunday at two SLT to summon the Grey Prince with music and joy.




Sunday 24th April
The Grey Prince

Summoning Picture 1

The Children of Echtra, their guardians, and travelers from beyond the Mists of the Faire came together to summon the Grey Prince.  They would request with humility where those before them had failed with violence and were transformed into tiny hedgehogs.

Summoning Picture 2

Summoning Picture 3

As the children and visitors sang, danced, and gave tribute to the Grey Prince the bonfire grew stronger and stronger.

Summoning Picture 4

Summoning Picture 5

Everyone could feel the magic at work as the ritual stones began to glow brilliantly igniting one after the other.  Hope was returning until the bonfire appeared to crumble.

Summoning Picture 6

Hope was lost, only four of the stones had activated.  But their guardians assured them that the wood was no longer necessary to make the fire of hope burn.  The fire continued to grow until all six stones had activated.

Summoning Picture 7

Summoning Picture 8

Finally the giant figure of the Grey Prince appeared in the skies for everyone to behold.  He spoke of how the joyous ritual had restored the memory of the time when he was the Winter Prince.  Long ago he took turns regulating the seasons beside his sister the Summer Princess who has been lost and forgotten.

After she had departed he took up her burden to hold Winter and Summer in balance, and became the Grey Prince.  He was overwhelmed by the burden and how much he missed his sister and Gloom began.  His final words before vanishing was how he missed his sister.

Summoning Picture 9

Remembering the second broken statue in the village, the group made their way to the landmark.  There was nothing they could do now for the destroyed statue.  The Guardians and others sensitive to the unnatural stone would search for the pieces while a watch was kept upon the remaining fragments.

Summoning Picture 10


Monday, 25th April
The Summer Princess

The Children searched for more information about the Summer Princess while others searched for the fragments of the broken statue.

Pieces missing

What seemed odd to those who came to look that day was that small pieces seemed to go missing during the previous night, but there were so many and it was late so they had not been counted.

Statue Stolen_002

There was no mistake the next morning when the statue had gone missing completely. Someone had stolen their precious statue, though most had been unable to touch or lift the stone. Who could have taken the statue from the center of the village? Without the statue the Gloom of Echtra may never be broken.


Tuesday, 26th April
Finding The Summer Princess Statue

The fragments of the Summer Princess statue have been taken and the Children of Echtra cannot reverse the Gloom without the pieces re-gathered.


The Guardians have called upon the help of old friends and strangers to search for the pieces, and it is to these dreary conditions that a small figure arrived to dreary wet realm of Echtra from the mists.

Help the Children search today for the Lore and Fragments that they need to defeat the Gloom of Echtra.


Wednesday, 27th April
The Thief

Thief Catching 1

Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe was called by the Guardians to aid in the reconstruction of the Summer Princess Statue. He shared with them the meaning of the Winter Prince’s final words and the tale of the Twins. Long ago the Dagda created the realm of Echtra and many others. When he departed he left two of his children to watch over the realm and keep the balance of time. The Winter Prince and Summer Princess.

Thief Catching 2

Thief Catching 3

It was only by finding the Summer Princess that they could hope to restore the balance of the seasons and natural time. However with the pieces stolen the children had to discover the thief.

Thief Catching 4

One of the hedgehogs, Brekon, described a figure in black taking them away in a sack, and the description matched Slooth, one of the children in the village.

Thief Catching 5

With much back and forth between the Mead hall and the statue the children laid a trap and pretended that they had found the final stone of the Summer Princess.

Loki prepared at trap for the thief while Dogstar departed saying that he would return on Friday to complete the ritual and very loudly said to hold on to the final stone.

Thief Catching 6

The trap was set, but the thief saw through the deceit and gave the children a merry chase through the village. He attempted to flee out the front gate but found it blocked by Strifeclaw of Earth. The viking children continued to harrow him weapons in hand until he was forced into the trap they had prepared.

Thief Catching 7

They took his weapon and removed his mask. The boy confessed what he had done and it soon became apparent that his only motivation had not been malice but greed.

Thief Catching 8

He had given in to the Gloom and lost all sense of magic and wonder becoming a Null. There is no magic or wonder in the world for a Null there is only the surface world. To him the special stones that resisted movement were just ordinary stones. He sold the stones for his own profit.

Thief Catching 9

Now that he was caught the thief led them to where he had sold the fragments for coin. He had never met the buyer and spoke only through messenger ravens. He agreed to send another raven claiming to have the final piece and the Children were ready to spring one final trap on Thursday at 1 pm, If they cannot find the pieces then the Summer Princess will remain lost forever.


Thursday, 28th April
Trapping King Goblin

Trapping King Goblin

We gathered near the cave entrance at 1 pm as we had planned preparing a fake sack filled with a fake stone to trick the merchant. Several visitors passed by, but none went near the bait we had prepared. Finally, after much misunderstanding our culprit arrived, carried by one of his minions.

Trapping King Goblin 2

King Goblin had noticed the magic held in the stones and had offered to buy them for his new hat. Those familiar with King Goblin knew that rather than wishing to condemn the realm to Gloom, he had acted in selfish ignorance.

Trapping King Goblin 3

We sprung the trap and surrounded King Goblin when he opened the bait. Tepic was the first to ‘Claim King Goblin’ as his own. King Goblin once claimed must give a gift so that you will unclaim him. ((If you see him wandering any of the Faire Lands anyone can claim a free gift))

Trapping King Goblin 4

King Goblin paid for his release with the statue fragments, he had managed to acquire all of them in his journeys.

Trapping King Goblin 5

Trapping King Goblin 6

Tepic released the King from his claim, and the large sack was carried back to where it belonged. The Summer Princess statue now awaits Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe’s return on Friday at 3 to complete the ritual and restore the statue to its former glory.

Trapping King Goblin 7


Friday, 29th April
Calling The Summer Princess

Calling the Summer Princess 1
The Gloom was thick and the light from the torches could barely be seen through the thick fog and dreary skies of Echtra. We gathered around the former statue of the Princess and brought forth tributes to her memory.
Calling the Summer Princess 2
Calling the Summer Princess 3
Even Avariel of the Air Stone gave some of her apples so that the seasons could return to the realm. Dogstar, satisfied that we had all the pieces in place set up several magical stones that we could power to summon forth the Summer Princess once again.

Calling the Summer Princess 4

Calling the Summer Princess 5
The First stone was activated swiftly giving us hope. The Children however had long forgotten the blessings of Summer and Winter. We had to tell stories of the Beauty that had been deprives and tales of siblings to reawaken the magic within them.
Calling the Summer Princess 6
Tales of siblings lost, the hope for the future, the feel of grass and warmth. The sight of the stars beyond the clouds, these were all things that they had forgotten. Even the Bees in the Summer that would make the honey for their mead were forgotten.
Calling the Summer Princess 7
Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe knew that we were getting close as the tribute and memories began to return. He approached the stones and touched them feeling their warmth. Druids and priestesses visiting from afar could feel the magic flowing through the air.
Calling the Summer Princess 8
Calling the Summer Princess 9
Suddenly the magic erupted into a brilliant light that filled the children and everyone with memories of Summer and and Winter. Some were overwhelmed, but they all continued to use their energies, tributes, and words to call to the Summer Princess.
Calling the Summer Princess 10

Calling the Summer Princess 11

The Light of Summer Pierced the Gloom in a way that the torches and the Guardians could not. Even Helfgar the Fox Wounder could see its brilliance radiating from the highest tower.
Calling the Summer Princess 12
The children kept sharing their stories and even Bard who had been performing for the ritual shared a heart felt story of her own lost sibling. Soon the magic errupted shrouding everyone in an explosion of light and brilliance.
Calling the Summer Princess 13

The Summer Princess had returned floating above her statue. She told her own story about a deal she had made with the Dragon of Time. She had grown tired of seeing her friends grow old and die, so she asked the Dragon to stop time for them. The Dragon said that to do this she must enter his mouth and be consumed.

She accepted and the act froze the Dragon of Time in the cave below. With Time frozen, and Summer gone, the Winter Prince tried to take the mantle of Summer into himself and keep his people happy.

He fell into a melancholy that spread a dreary Gloom throughout the entire land. Only by warming the Dragon and restoring time can the Realm of Echtra hope to truly defeat its curse and restore time and happiness to the realm.

Calling the Summer Princess 14
We must gather on Saturday at 1 pm to awaken the Dragon of Time and restore Echtra to its proper glory. Join us in song, story, and tribute as we light the fire that will warm the Dragon’s Heart.


Saturday, 30th April
Wake The Dragon

Wake the Dragon 1

The children, the Guardians, and travelers from beyond the Mists in the Faire joined together to reawaken the Dragon of Time and restore health and happiness to the land.

Wake the Dragon 2

There were tribute stones for the charity of giving was just one way of helping restore the Dragon of Time to its proper state. But there was more to it than that, for they would sing, tell stories of summer and winter, siblings, and life to warm the Dragon’s Heart.

Wake the Dragon 3

The First sigil appeared quickly showing that our efforts were not in vain nor our sacrifices wasted.

Wake the Dragon 4

Wake the Dragon 5

The crowd, lured by the excellent Bard Zander Greene, began to grow and soon a second sigil appeared.

Wake the Dragon 6

Wake the Dragon 7

As more tribute was given and stories were shared the more magic began to fill the frozen salt cave where the dragon slumbered.

Wake the Dragon 8

Wake the Dragon 9

Soon the Third and Fourth sigils appeared in rapid succession as stories and tribute flowed into the mystic stones and towards the Frozen Dragon. Once again all the wood burned away leaving only stone, but the fire continued to burn without any fuel beyond our hopes and magic.

Wake the Dragon 10

Wake the Dragon 11

The warmth filled the cavern melting the icy barriers covering the salt and giving everyone hope. They were also very hopeful that the dragon would be friendly and not hungry after its long slumber.

The Guardians told them not to fear, that the dragon would be full of the joy and warmth that they were feeding him and the tribute would appease him. The Final sigil appeared after 100,000 gold pieces had been paid in tribute to restoring the Dragon.

Wake the Dragon 12

With the Final sigil in place the Dragons heart would now begin to be warmed, but we would not do this deed alone. Reunited in the air above the bonfire, the Winter Prince and the Summer Princess were finally reunited in elation and relief.

Wake the Dragon 13

The Gloom that had consumed the Grey Prince had been nearly washed free of him and he once again resembled the Winter Prince. But the healing was not done yet. The Dragon of Time needed to be restored.

Wake the Dragon 14

Wake the Dragon 15

With the overwhelming power of their tearful reunion and the memories flowing through everyone powering the stones, the Dragon of Time soon breathed again. Time had been restored to the land and the long dreary Gloom was over.

Waking the Dragon 16

The Sun returned to Echtra and the clouds parted. The Children saw their realm in the warm light for the first time in what could have been centuries.

Waking the Dragon 17

They extended their thanks to everyone who helped them throughout their many trials. In total over 125,000 was tributed to raising the Dragon, 52,000+ to restoring the Summer Princess, and 20,000 to Summoing the Grey Prince before we knew he was truly the Winter Prince. With the donations made to other RP vendors the Children of Echtra managed to raise over 210,000 through sharing their stories.

Thank you all for joining us in this endeavor. We could not have done it without your aid. May the winds always be fair, and the Earth steady beneath your feet, travelers.



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