The Gloom of Echtra – Background

The Children of Echtra live in a cursed realm where time has stopped and the grown ups have vanished.  Their spiritual guardians: Avariel of Air and Strifeclaw of Earth guide and protect them but cannot end their curse. The children will have to hunt for clues with the aid of any allies that would help bring the seasons back to Echtra.


The Children of Echtra Roleplay at Fantasy Faire 2016

The Rickety Weasels roleplay will be starting with the Faire on April 21st 2016, and will progress over ten days until May 1st with everyday free-form roleplay as well as several scheduled events and a grand finale on Saturday April 30th.

The rest of the time, the Children will still be present, either welcoming you to their home in Echtra or wandering around the whole of the Fairelands.

Feel welcome to interact with them!   (Look for the group tags “Child of Echtra”, or “Elemental Guardian”).

This site will be updated daily with news and pictures of the roleplay. Also don’t forget to listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio for announcements and news reports.

You can collect a HUD for Echtra here.
The Headquarters for the Children of Echtra.

Who are the Children of Echtra?

They are children that live in a cursed realm without adult supervision, who are trying to restore their world.  They are still children who have strange ideas about what caused their realm to fall.  They try to be playful and resist the dark grief covering their land, and always looking for someone to have fun with.


Guardians of the Elemental Stones


Strifeclaw, the Guardian of the Earth Stone, is a Dire Panther almost as large as a horse. She spends most of her time in nature and is horrified by the grey gloom covering the land of Eachtra.  Some consider her wise and grounded compared to the Guardian of the Air.




Avariel, Guardian of the Air Stone, is a Unicorn who is often very befuddled and sometimes even forgetful.  She comes and goes with the wind, and even she does not know where it will take her. She is still relatively new as a Guardian and is not entirely sure why she was chosen. She is happy to see what adventures this new wind has to offer in Echtra.




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