The Fairelands Quest: The Bard Queen’s Song



His boss has gone missing and he (and The Lads) have come to the conclusion that, while she’s been known to do this sort of thing before, something’s not right about this one. Were Farion a noodle seller from Kakushi Pasu this wouldn’t be a problem, but Farion (and The Lads) work for the Bard Queen – and an absent Bard Queen is bad news for the Fairelands.

So Farion (and, yes, The Lads) have come up with a plan: for Farion (and this is where The Lads backed off a bit) to follow the Bard Queen’s trail, see what she’s been up to and help out if she needs it. If she’s catching some her-time with a fruity beverage in Dawn’s Promise then all’s well, but if the Unweaver has something to do with it…

Well, let’s face it: Farion’s a pixie. Great of heart, but not so much with the sword-arm – even if he did grow up on the wrong side of town. He’s going to need some help. Someone brave, strong, true… and preferably unaware of Farion’s slightly questionable reputation before the Bard Queen hired him.

What Farion needs is a hero.

The Bard Queen’s Song takes you to Morbus, where the Unweaver’s twisted power has turned beauty into chaos and nature against itself. Search among the thorns, avoid the twisted denizens and then on into the Alchemist’s tower to –

What, you were expecting spoilers? For shame! These are the Fairelands, hero; enlightenment only comes to those willing to seek it.

There are Play Instructions, Hints and Tips available. 

Some advice to the most common problems:

  • The HUD has a Setup | Reload button to reload your latest saved progress, this is useful if you crash and the HUD gets confused.
  • The HUD also has a Setup | Save which manually saves your progress, to make sure no crash threatens you!
  • When you first attach FF2017.Npc.Farion, he is invisible. He will stay invisible until you actually find Farion in the quest.
  • If you buy the Deluxe HUD and want the coupon to get the outfit with: REZ the box. The coupon is no-copy and the script cannot carry it over, so you have to manually open and get it.
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