Tales from The Rose

Waltzing The Rose
by Caledonia Skytower

Hold me tight, and waltz me again, my Sweet
on the shores of the elegant Rose.
Liquid aquamarine scintillating the streets
as we circle on wings, bodies close.

Feel my heart as it beats for you, my Love
with our hands clasped together we run
through mysterious court, up marble trimmed stairs,
smiling and laughing as one.

The petals may fade all around us, my Darling
yet growth is safe and enduring.
Kiss me and twirl me again, and once more
we’ll unmask the illusions of loving.


By FidgetsWidget

It came out of the Dinke’s mouth in one short vituperative burst.

“Flapdoodle, I say! I had nothing to do with the little red rock.”

One paw wiped against whiskers to remove a small bit of spittle.

“Flapdoodle and frogspawn!” she fumed.

“Now if it was bacon you couldn’t find … well … *that* might have found its way to my paws. But a little piece of red what-sis?”

The Dinkie’s nose crinkled.


She waved her current cookie in the air for emphasis..

“If you really want to find something then you should look in books! They have maps, and words, and incantations, and recipes and .. .and tales and … and ….”

Fidget paused for a moment in her tirade to sniff the wind.

“… and other information!”

The scent of something neither bacon nor chocolate wafting though the air had caught her agile sense of smell. The scent of drama, foul deeds and a Hero in need of an audience.

The Dinkie glared at her accuser and stomped a paw on the floor.

“Do you see a little red rock-thing on me?”

The pirouette gave the accuser a thorough view of her Sunhat, her beautiful sun gem necklace and her glorious black fur.

“Well? Do you?”

Her paw angrily tamped on the floor, little claws scritching against like fingernails on a blackboard.

Finally, the accuser shook its head in way that almost-but-not-exactly resembled a “no.”

“Well then! Kindly keep your accusa … condemna… keep your shuns to your self!”

She waved the cookie in the air for emphasis once more.

“And if you want to see what happens to someone who does dirty deeds, then hie yourself to the Opal Flight and watch ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. You’ll learn about donkey butts there! Certes!”

So saying, Fidget-Seeker-Of-The-Bacon, made her way from The Rose to Opal Flight, to see her favorite actors perform, before continuing on with her adventure..


(Images provided by author)

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