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The Hunt Goes On!


Although the Fairelands are fading back into the mists, there is one sim holding onto the grid for just a little bit longer: The Palace of Tears sim stays in existence, open and alive for a week still, all the way to May 18th.

This means that you can finish the second part of the hunt at your own leisure within the Palace. The hunt HUD vendors will sell HUDs that cover only this second part of the hunt, since the first part will become impossible to work on once the rest of the Fairelands are gone. Obviously the HUDs you purchased during the Faire will continue to work as well.

Come solve the puzzles, admire the art and enjoy the last Faireland of year 2014 for just a little bit longer!


The Art Gallery in the Palace of Tears

A Siren's Call by Naniel Finlayson
A Siren’s Call by Naniel Finlayson

If you have visited the Palace of Tears while hunting, you might have noticed that the Emperor’s palace is fittingly decorated with amazing fantasy art pieces.

Secret Garden at Imaginaria by Peace Edenflower-Switchblade
Secret Garden at Imaginaria by Peace Edenflower-Switchblade

These pieces are all from various fantasy groups in Flickr, chosen to represent the multitude of fantastic ways the people of Second Life see, perceive and live fantasy in our shared virtual world.

Lamia by Kynne Llewellyn
Lamia by Kynne Llewellyn

Each artist has been contacted beforehand and has given their permission to use their art in the Palace. If you edit-inspect a painting you can find out the picture’s title, the artist’s name and the flickr-address. Almost thirty fantasy artists have their art on the walls of the Palace.

Up by Gidge Adagio
Up by Gidge Adagio

The Art Gallery stays available to delight you as long as The Palace of Tears does, until May 18th. While you are hunting within the Palace, take a moment or two to pause and admire the art on the walls, to appreciate the ways how we all can be exactly what we wish in here: dream, be, and share it with others.

The Secret Lives of Dwarves by Davie Frequency
The Secret Lives of Dwarves by Davie Frequency

Fantasy Faire wishes to thank the following fantasy artists for their permission, contribution and help in creating the Palace as it should be: Anabelle Marquis, Caitlin Tobias, Carthalis Rossini, Chromium Praga, Crystal Rehula, Dagmar Haiku, Davie Frequency, DevinVaughn, Dita Actor, Duchess Flux, Eliza Quixote, Filomena Quinnell, Freyja Nemeth, Gia Nikai, Giada Brentley, Gidge Adagio, Halfwraith Caerndow, Irina Strazytski, Kynne Llewellyn, Lilith Heart, Mena Lancaster, Naniel Finlayson, Peace Edenflower-Switchblade, Phire Zuhra, Spyder Silverfall and Vixen Darkrose.

Highgarden by Duchess Flux
Highgarden by Duchess Flux

Converging on the Palace of Tears

Picture by Alisaundra Andel.
Picture by Alisaundra Andel.

Builds in the gardens by Haveit Neox

Delighted by Elizabeth Tinsley’s invitation to create an installation in a garden, I had the opportunity to set up my work on the grounds around Rynn Verwood’s exquisite Palace of Tears. With the massive stone edifice in the background complementing the flowing green gardens framing it, I had an ideal site at my disposal. The cherry on the pie was the hunt story David Abbot had written. He described it briefly to me something along this line: An Emperor has gone missing, and if not found soon, civil war might be on the horizon. With a family visit planned in RL, I would only have about 3 days to build the garden scenes. I decided to base it on my interpretation of the hunt story.

Picture by Alisaundra Andel.
Picture by Alisaundra Andel.

This being Fantasy Faire, I set down fanciful rival clans: frog people, centaurs, and yes, even humans from average height to the size of a mouse. The armies are composed not only of the soldiers, but their whole villages including streets and houses which are towed into the promise of battle. In the case of the Fiery Centaurs (red, orange and yellow skinned), a city grows from the back of their queen’s long robe, stringing its buildings and streets down the length of the garment, overflowing onto the ground like a delta, and finally disseminating itself into the green hills. Up the weighted robe they gallop, the Fiery centaur warriors, as their giant leader, intent on taking the title of Empress, trails her precious load with slowly measured but enormous steps, shaking the earth and rattling the bones of her enthusiastic subjects. Every citizen of the land, their houses and their fields march, converging on the Palace of Tears.

Palace of Tears 14 by Alisaundra Andel
Picture by Alisaundra Andel.

I mix art and utility. ACC Alpha is a full sim city I’ve developed during the past 4 years which shows a love of the painterly while remaining down to earth. I build in the hope that the artistic expression is inviting, and along with its unusual nature, makes the visitor feel they recognize something of home from it. The city is neither flat nor predictable. I built ACC Alpha for the walker – this is the best way to fall into the city. All are welcome.

There are updates on the sim’s activities at accalpha.blogspot.com
Your taxi to ACC Alpha’s main square: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ACC%20Alpha/64/123/33

– Haveit Neox

The Palace of Tears will stay open until May 18th, a week longer than the rest of the Fairelands. Visit the Palace to enjoy the art!

Palace of Tears 12 by Alisaundra Andel
Picture by Alisaundra Andel.


The hunters are coming….

The past days I have sort of moved in into The Palace of Tears, while working on photo’s, trying out outfits and writing blogposts. A nice and quiet Palace, all for myself!

But now….the Hunt has begun and the hunters are coming…I have  been watching them….

Palace of Tears - I

They are hunting, in the diningrooms, the gardens that surround the Palace….

Palace of Tears - II

Palace of Tears - III

Me? I will move on, I will find another place to hide and watch people…*me packs up her stuff and waves at the hunters…

If you are a hunter, or want to become one, you can find all information here! Also, I do recommend to take the time and look around, The Palace of Tears is magnificent and there is so much to see.
In fact, even if you do not participate in the hunt, it is worth a visit to enjoy the building and all the artworks in and around the Palace.

Happy hunting!


The Palace of Tears Hunt Begins!



That’s right, hunters! The secrets and the treasures of the Palace of Tears await you.

The hunt this year comes in two parts. The first part: Fimbleby’s Wager has been open for a while now. It begins in Wiggenstead Mooring and sends you through all of the Fairelands to puzzle out clues before you return to Mr. Fimbleby for the prizes of the first part.

After you have the first pile of treasures from Mr. Fimbleby, it’s time to move onto The Palace of Tears! The Palace can be found in its namesake sim: the Palace of Tears, and it is designed solely for the purpose of this hunt.

Fimbleby’s Wager will be available as long as the Fairelands stand (May 11th), but the Palace of Tears stays for a week still after the other Fairelands fade away, so you can keep on hunting there until May 18th.

You can begin the hunt by purchasing the hunt HUD from any of the landing points and then heading into Wiggenstead Mooring to find Mr. Fimbleby.