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By now the Fairelands are open and it is wonderful to sit somewhere and watch the visitors stroll by in awe and admiration of the gorgeous buildings and lands.
Fantasy Faire 2016 - Breeze - I

As by magic…the pictures I took and posted last week in my first blog for 2016 have now completely rezzed and they are visible to the human eye! Isn’t that mysterious?
I cannot explain it, it just happened and so I can show the same images again – in this post –  but this time you do not need to guess anymore or wonder why they seemed so pixelated – believe me, it all has to do with the pure magic of the Faire…!

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Sapphire Mirror Lake - III

If you haven’t been able to visit the Fairelands yet, but are curious, I have a short video for you, to make you want to login and come over!

Happy Faire everyone and see you on the Fairelands!



Splats and photobombing, A day at the Faire..

First of all, I have to say I am very, very honoured to be part of the team of Fantasy Faire Photographers (and writers)!
For me, this annual event is something I look forward to every year, starting the moment the Faire ends.

* (FF Photographers: Dancing Veeper, Alisaundra Andel, Dr. Justen Tyme, Wildstar Beaumont, Tamzin Zigalia,  Asher Law and yours truly)

I have gotten the most lovely compliments and comments on the pics I have published so far, and that makes me smile so much. I do my best to visually document the amazing sims, for now and for when we have to wait another 12 months till the next Faire appears.

Splat and Photobombed, a Fantasy Faire Blogpost
zOMG. I was just changing outfits and ‘someone’ put a shiny tower over me (@ Aurora)

Being a ‘FF Photographer’  meant that I have had the privilege to access the sims even before the merchants got in and set up their shops.
This is why a lot of my pictures are without vendors, no crowds and it made it possible to go all the way into ultra graphics and huge distance draw,  taking high-res pics without crashing.
I hope this answers some of the questions I got on how I managed some of my images. No secret magic in there (sigh….), no derendering, hardly any post processing needed on sims without vendors and no people on it, did that trick for me :).

Splat and Photobombed, a Fantasy Faire Blogpost
‘[2015/04/20] Alia Baroque: SPLAT!’ (@ Odyssey)

Those pics are for the imagery archive of the Faire, are used as teasers on websites, for posters and so on.
The Faire is still incredibly photogenic, we – the FF Photographers – keep on snapping pics every day, we do not stop!

You should too, and add your images to the Fantasy Faire Flickr group!  Or even join the Calendar-contest and get the change to have  your image in the real life Fantasy Faire Calender 2016!
And even if you are not into taking pics, you should come visit and be in awe!

Splat and Photobombed, a Fantasy Faire Blogpost
Photobombed by Rynn Verwood and Lauren Thibaud (@ Tangleshimmer Grove)

Also. The life of an SL Photographer on the Faire, isn’t all that romantic! Noooo! It is dangerous even! No, really!
As the images in this post show, I got photo- bombed, got a fountain build on my head and when I thought I was in a safe place to try out my mermaid-tail before going to the next sim – I found myself in a sudden shiny tower on Aurora.

Happy Faire Day everyone and don’t forget to bring your camera!



Aurora pic:
Mermaid tail, bra and gloves by Lelutka
Crown by [Muse] @ Fantasy Faire
Pose by Del May

Odyssey pic:
Outfit incl wings by Evie’s Closet @ Fantasy Faire

Tangleshimmer Grove pic:
Outfit by Paper Moon – Rune Priestress @ Fantasy Faire
Pose (incl staff and magic blue thingy) by Black Tulip @ Fantasy Faire