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From the Desk of OldeSoul

Fantasy Faire 2017

“Sitting alone with many friends who have lost their fight in the ACS “Catt Gable” Memorial Garden, I had a chance to reflect on the many things that give me reason to relay and why it is important to me. Our team is very special and a very global team in relay. We are all very close. One event that draws all of us together is Fantasy Faire. The magic of the Fairelands affects each and every one of us. Some come as DJs, performers, others as merchants, sponsors, builders, sheriffs, Jailbirds, bloggers, shoppers and photographers. Speaking for all of us, Fantasy Faire brings together our rules: smile, have fun and do pawsum things. Our motto is “Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.” The Magic of the Fairelands brings that together for all of us, no matter how we present ourselves in this wonderful world of Second Life.

One lovely addition to the Fairelands this year completed by Shiran Sabra and Secret Rage is the Survivors and Caregiver’s information build on Kakushi Pasu. It is a lovely spot to sit and reflect, get information, or chat with others. There are support groups year round in SL to “allow people to share their experiences, fears, anger, helpful information and more importantly the knowledge they are in a “safe place” among people who are going through or went through similar experiences. They are not alone, the group understands…they all have their own journey. That support may help each member manage their own emotions and pull from the courage of others.”

Also on Kakushi Pasu is another important part of that sim related to Relay For Life. The Mission Info Area created by Ms. Kitty Gumbo is very special. We have used the mission statement for the American Cancer Society in all of our thank yous for any and all contributions. “Fantasy Faire thanks you so much for your generous donation to Relay For Life. The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.” I believe in this mission and have used the ACS website for information on many occasions: www.cancer.org.

On a more personal level, my father had laryngeal cancer. He was treated with radiation and the cancer was gone. However, the remnants of the treatment caused a hardening and thickening of the carotid arteries. He was on blood thinners which left him very bruised. One day, I got that call, he had fallen. I left as quickly as possible – to be with my mother and brothers. He passed within 42 hours. He was a survivor but my mother was alone for the first time in over 62 years.

Several things interfered as they do with every family and their struggles. I live three hours away from my hometown. Every week for 7 years, I made a trip to do all the grocery shopping, laundry, dr. visits, and during hospital stays and her eventual diagnosis of cancer, I would stay full time for weeks sometimes months. She had a rare form of blood cancer that was taken care of with 8 chemo trips. Cassie and I stayed in touch through Second Life. At night, we were able to dance, build, and relay together. My mother recently passed in November of 2016 as a survivor at age 90.

I honestly do not know what we would have done without Second Life, and Relay For Life gave it even more purpose. I am not a builder – (my boxes are great) I am not a scripter. But as a retired teacher, I am an events coordinator. I found a place where I fit in, in Second Life. My mother got involved in relay also. She thought I was a silly bobcat and would laugh. Fantasy Faire and all the special folks and friends involved mean so much to Cassie and me. Thank you all for being there when we needed you most.”

– OldeSoul Eldemar,
High Sheriff of The Fairelands Watch,
Captain of Team ACTS

Sunday musings, for all those who relay

‘Some say love, it is a river
That drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger,
An endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower,
And you its only seed.

It’s the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance.
It’s the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance.
It’s the one who won’t be taken,
Who cannot seem to give,
And the soul afraid of dyin’
That never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong,
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
In the spring becomes the rose’

Bette Middler – The Rose

Full of Hope

And so it begins. Another year of the Fantasy Faire. The Fairelands are open to all and welcome everyone.

Full of Hope - a Fantasy Faire blogpost - II

As I have explored the amazing and wonderful sims the past days, thinking this year is even more gorgeous than previous years – but I think that every year! – I could not help but feel this year has a extra feel to it.

The feeling of hope. Hope for a cure, and a promise for a future. The Fantasy Faire is, after all, a RFL event and in Second life: an important one.

Full of Hope - a Fantasy Faire blogpost - I

Let’s keep hoping to find the cure and let’s promise to never forget those we lost.

Location featured in this blogpost:
Dawn’s Promise – by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee
Sponsored by The Looking Glass

Ursula 2.0 Is Ready For The Faire!

Oh I wish, Faire Folk, that it were my real body I’m talking about… although I am already used to the physical flaws, scars and missing body parts in my RL existence. However, wouldn’t it be lovely to obtain a Bento update in reality, too? The update that I have just got in Second Life.

Why is it big news, then, you may ask? Those good old system bodies are slowly becoming a rarity in SL, our mesh avatars smile, grimace and cry on the screen, our fingers can gesticulate as delicately as a RL ballerina performing Swan Lake. Why is it big news that SL Ursula has been upgraded? Because the path that brought me to my new shiny mesh body and head is so very, very Fantasy Faire.

Fantasy Faire Is Back...

I was happily chatting to the FF Backstage people the other day, silly banter was exchanged with laughter and general pulling of pixel legs, when at a certain moment a Faire designer and I started talking about mesh bodies. I told her I had been planning to buy one for quite a long time, but I wanted to think twice before I spent a certain amount of Linden Dollars… then I suddenly heard the characteristic tingling of coins.

I received a generous, wonderful and utterly unexpected gift. Funds for a mesh body. Just so.

I was gasping for air, and I also felt what I used to experience at Christmas when I was a little girl, pure and utter joy… and I also promised my magnanimous sponsor to donate to RFL in her name, too, in order to return this wonderful gesture somehow. The answer I received made me stop for a second… and another second, and another one, to reflect and maybe even to shed a tear or two.

Cat, I hope you won’t report me to the Lindens for breaking their TOS, but I must quote word by word what you wrote: “Catalina ***: Do me a favor? If you donate, do it for those who stay in remission. Because my dad didn’t. And seeing your profile made me smile. And gave me hope. And hope is a beautiful thing.”

This is why I am as gloriously happy with my new lovely Bento mesh body and head as if I had received a miraculous upgrade in real life as well.

Happy Faire to you all!

Fantasy Faire is the People

I thought I had nothing more to say. I thought I had said all that I had in me in my ramblings of these last years. I kept thinking I should write a wrap-up piece, something to express my feelings by the end of the Faire, but every time I thought of it only scattered thoughts ran through me, fluttering about like confused butterflies, refusing to settle into a path of words.

Today Haveit Neox emailed me a link to the video you see above. He filmed it during the traditional May Day Masked Ball of the Faire, our last official event. He also filmed the last unofficial event of the Faire, the return of the centaurs and the party following that. As I watched it I felt that strange, but oh so Faire-familiar feeling of smiling through threatening tears. I wiped my tears, smiled, and thought that this film shows so perfectly what Alia Baroque said in his interview: Fantasy Faire is the people.

There are bold centaurs, beautiful unicorns, twerking dragons, prancing dinkies in lobster-suits, frolicking fauns, graceful fae, glittering petites, towering giants, angels and demons to balance each other out… there are goats and ponies and a giant fox, there are even humans, of all things!

There are roleplayers, creators, dancers, bloggers, photographers, DJs, authors, speakers, coders, sound technicians, actors, artists, world builders, organizers, sponsors, musicians, particle performers… there are visitors from all the communities across Second Life.

In the Fairelands the Tiny Police can riverdance on the toes of a giant towering over the tallest of buildings, artists can be transformed to centaurs, Relayers can visit lands built for the hope risen from imagination, DJs can spin on a deck of a ship carried by a dragon, dancers can hold a stage of a whole world created to celebrate them, roleplayers can weave their stories with a new flow of visitors to partake in their lives, storytellers can share their words in an environment grown out of inspiration, photographers can despair at the beauty eleven days is never enough to capture… in the Fairelands anything is possible. In the Fairelands we come together: many communities, many tribes, all joined for those brief magical days.

We are all Faire Folk. For eleven days this is our land, our shared continent where all can come together, meet and talk and dance and experience the magic. Fantasy Faire is the people.

Thank you.

Last Delta

Swim with Me – The Merge

Boop Beep Boop Beep

***Fairelands Service Announcement***

We interrupt this scheduled story to announce that the story will not end today. We(as in me, myself and I) have gotten many messages, both to IMs and by Notecard, that you did not want the “Swim with Me” story to end with the Faire. It was always the plan, that this was going to be an exclusive story series, done for the faire, allowing for similar interests and lore to flow in. It was a unique way to cover some of the items from the faire, at the end of each story.

Due to public response, it has been decided that the story will go on, or a story within the same mer realm, continued in much the same format , in short little snippets, with various info and item coverage at the end of each post. You will be able to follow the rest of the story, beyond this point, on the blog Pixel Mythos. A special page has also been created, so that you can view all the “Chapters” in one spot.

It is the hope that the particular story, with these characters, will continue on again, here, come Fantasy Faire 2017.

***This has been a Fairelands Service Announcement***

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Swim with Me - The Merge - 1

Riletta and her new friend, Big Blue, had been traveling for many Lights now, and the call, which came twice a day, so powerful, finally seemed to be getting closer. Having a Blue Whale nearby was handy as he could accurately calculate the distance of the sound waves. It wasn’t a skill she acquired, sorting out long distance vibrations, carried through the currents.

Continue reading Swim with Me – The Merge

Daily Recap: Sunday

FF2016 - set A - Fairelands Junction_001
Fairelands Junction, picture by Wildstar Beaumont

Sunday was the last official day of Fantasy Faire this year. It feels surreal, it feels too soon. Surely we opened just yesterday?

The very last events rolled in early: the Region Tour to Blackmoor, Lady Garden Cabaret in Sapphire Mirror Lake, ColeMarie Soleil’s music and particle performance in Lucentia and the conclusion of Sanctuary’s roleplay in Dangarnon.

There was also a not-so-shocking Jail & Bail in Bright Haven as Clover Dezno and Druscilla Ferraris were thrown behind bars. These two tinies simply cannot stay out of trouble and every Faire the Long Paw of Law catches them sooner or later, which is inevitably followed by a not-so-tiny riot of tinies, always sooner than later.

Colver and Dru Jail and Bail
Clover and Dru in Jail, tinies protesting. Picture by Avariel Falcon.

The protests against the Pawlice Abuse rose to levels never witnessed before and with no intervention from Her High Faireness this time, the most magical of miracles happened! The innocent victims were freed and the Pawlice found themselves locked up instead!

Pawlice in Jail, picture by Caitlin Tobias
Pawlice in Jail, picture by Caitlin Tobias

This day will surely go down in Faire history. Mostly because I’m the one scribbling the said history, a Faire-day by Faire-day, and this day marks a great triumph in the struggle against the waffle-addicted tyranny of the Pawlice! …although one might also note that the moment they were locked up, there was about ten cunning plots for hijinks and shenanigans conceived within the audience. Perhaps… just perhaps we need the Pawlice after all. The bail money to free the accused, to keep them locked in, to lock up the Pawlice, to free the Pawlice to turn laughter into medicine reached 106,000 lindens in the RFL kiosks.

The jail and bail pawtay was followed by our traditional Live Auction. Every year we auction off pieces of the Fairelands so that people can bring a piece of magic home with them. In addition to the high bid items we also had Faire-souvenirs for sale so that everyone could take at least some mementos home. This year we had the banners from the website by Alia Baroque and a wonderful gacha of dwagis, decorated by several of our world builders.

Fantasy Faire 2016!
Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley hosted the Live Auction on voice, bringing the crowd to happy smiles and not-so-hidden tears at times. Picture by Avariel Falcon.

The Live Auction was hosted by Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, whose voice kept the audience caught in that rare mix of emotions where you feel you could cry, but cannot stop smiling. The whole auction brought to mind very strongly why we bring the Fairelands back every year, why we Relay.

The highest selling item that turned into a heart-stopping bid war was the Last Hope statue from Dangarnon. Both Searlait Nitschke and Gwen Enchanted had decided they had to have this beautiful harp-playing sculpture. In the end and after a discussion with DRD’s team, a compromise was made: both Searlait and Gwen paid 205,000 lindens and both of them received the statue, and all the Dangarnon extras the DRD team added to it. This is the first of its kind solution in the Faire history and it made the whole audience both stunned and weepy, for everyone knows that purchasing Last Hope for RFL is in fact giving that Hope for many.

Fantasy Faire 2016!
Live Auction, picture by Avariel Falcon.

Altogether the Live Auction had about twenty items up for bid, including for example the whole region of Breeze, all the Coolbuses, fancy hedgehogs from Echtra, the crystal from Lucentia, memorials from Blackmoor and Serenity, forests from Twilight Illusion and Lucentia, OtherWorld geology pack, special FF-marked Egyptian statues from The Golden Delta and even the Dark Tower from Dangarnon! Together with the souvenir-banner and gacha sales the Live Auction brought over one million lindens for Relay For Life.

Fantasy Faire 2016!
May Day Masked Ball, picture by Avariel Falcon.

The final wrap-up of the Faire was of course the May Day Masked Ball, taking place in Sapphire Mirror Lake right after the Live Auction. The party was DJed by Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel, our media partner who makes Fantasy Faire Radio possible.

The King, Queen and the Chancellor of Fantasy Faire were revealed during the party, the Faire Folk’s votes favoring The Last Unicorn as the Chancellor, October Daye as the queen and The Goblin King as the king of the Faire!

The party kept going well past the official hours to the point when even the most determined Fairelander had to succumb to sleep, to continue the Faireland exploration in their dreams.

By early morning hours of Monday Fantasy Faire has relayed L$ 7,375,719 lindens, which translates to $ 29,503 US dollars! This is a stunning achievement and it leaves all of us speechless in gratitude. Well done, Faire Folk. Magnificently well done.

Although the Faire is now officially closed, the Fairelands are still open! There are no more events and the higher powers known as the Linden Lab can and may make the Fairelands fade into the mists whenever they wish, but we have been given the understanding that all their mist-fader-machines are reserved until Wednesday, giving us a couple of extra days to wander around the Fairelands, explore, shop and even finish the Quest! Yes, the quest stays open and playable as long as the Fairelands exist. Speaking of, if you have finished it, please give us feedback on it!

So peaceful
Coolbus, picture by Alisaundra Andel

Come join us in the last few days of the Fairelands this year! Who knows, there might be more bus rides happening…

The Fantasy Faire 2016 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: .Arcadia., Building Daydreams, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Curious Kitties, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Death Row Designs, Empyrean Forge, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., KittyCatS!, The Looking Glass, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, meadowWorks, Merchants of Dreams, The NeoVictoria Project, OtherSkin, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Storybook, The White Armory and Yasum Design.

Sapphire Mirror Lake – Arts and Entertainment Sim (Haveit Neox)-Justen Tyme-028
Sapphire Mirror Lake, picture by Justen Tyme