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The hunters are coming….

The past days I have sort of moved in into The Palace of Tears, while working on photo’s, trying out outfits and writing blogposts. A nice and quiet Palace, all for myself!

But now….the Hunt has begun and the hunters are coming…I have  been watching them….

Palace of Tears - I

They are hunting, in the diningrooms, the gardens that surround the Palace….

Palace of Tears - II

Palace of Tears - III

Me? I will move on, I will find another place to hide and watch people…*me packs up her stuff and waves at the hunters…

If you are a hunter, or want to become one, you can find all information here! Also, I do recommend to take the time and look around, The Palace of Tears is magnificent and there is so much to see.
In fact, even if you do not participate in the hunt, it is worth a visit to enjoy the building and all the artworks in and around the Palace.

Happy hunting!



The Palace of Tears Hunt Begins!



That’s right, hunters! The secrets and the treasures of the Palace of Tears await you.

The hunt this year comes in two parts. The first part: Fimbleby’s Wager has been open for a while now. It begins in Wiggenstead Mooring and sends you through all of the Fairelands to puzzle out clues before you return to Mr. Fimbleby for the prizes of the first part.

After you have the first pile of treasures from Mr. Fimbleby, it’s time to move onto The Palace of Tears! The Palace can be found in its namesake sim: the Palace of Tears, and it is designed solely for the purpose of this hunt.

Fimbleby’s Wager will be available as long as the Fairelands stand (May 11th), but the Palace of Tears stays for a week still after the other Fairelands fade away, so you can keep on hunting there until May 18th.

You can begin the hunt by purchasing the hunt HUD from any of the landing points and then heading into Wiggenstead Mooring to find Mr. Fimbleby.

Hunt to be Bailed!

Palace of Tears_005 by Wildstar BeaumontSo, there’s been questions about when the hunt will begin. The answer is: it is completely up to you, Faire visitor!

Today at 4 PM SLT there will be an extremely special Jail and Bail event held in the dragon ship FaireChylde at Palace of Tears. The jailed entity is the Hunt itself! If the Faire Folk manage to pay the bail, the hunt will begin!

This is the first hunt of our two, Fimbleby’s Wager. The follow-up hunt, The Palace of Tears, will continue the story later on during the Faire. The bails of the Jail events are, as always, paid into RFL kiosks to relay.

Come join us in getting the hunt freed and going! DJ David Abbot will be DJing and the Tiny Paw of Law will be at the event to make sure the bail is paid in full and according to all the regulations of the Faire!