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ColeMarie Soleil at Fantasy Faire

ColeMarie at Fantasy Faire
ColeMarie at Fantasy Faire

Today at 5pm – 7pm at Ichi-go Ichi-e

Particles… Faeries… and Fantasy Faire. ColeMarie Soleil is littering the grid with a new particle show featuring a new mixset of her original songs. Come for the faeries, stay for the music!

Extra terrace seating is available here on Odyssey.


Live Auction and Closing Party

the Faery Court_006 by Wildstar BeaumontHave you ever wanted to own a piece of the Fairelands? Yes? How about a whole Faireland, one of the fleeting sims full of magic?

Now is your chance.

The traditional Live Auction takes place in the courtyard of The Palace of Tears today, Sunday 11th, 4-6 PM SLT.

Wiggenstead Mooring - I by Caitlin Tobias

The builds for the whole sims of The Faery Court, Hope’s Horizon, Mourningvale Thicket, Blackwater Glenn and Wiggenstead Mooring will be up for your bidding pleasure. That’s right, the whole builds as you see them in the Fairelands.

Mourningvale Thicket - II by Caitlin TobiasThere will also be parts of the Fairelands otherwise not sold completely, like the Stairway to Heaven and the store builds from Sanctum, the Fish Gates and the Memorial Garden from Heavenslough, the gazebo from Medhir Woods, the Shiva jail from Asperatus, the Wizard’s Tower from the Palace of Tears and the Phoenix Jail that was used to hold Jessica Lyon during her jail and bail.

Blackwater Glenn_007 by Wildstar BeaumontWe are also auctioning off The FaireChylde, the dragon-borne ship that has hosted all the parties and concerts during the Faire. (Feeding the dragon is at your own cost.)

After the Live Auction is over (around 6 PM), there’ll be one more night-long party in the Fairelands, right in the same place in the courtyard of The Palace of Tears. Come join us in the Closing Party as we say goodbye to the Fairelands of this year!

PS. Although there’s no scheduled entertainment tomorrow, we’re not force-closing the portals and the Fairelands welcome you in for as long as the magic that keeps them in here holds. (Aka until the Lab removes them sometime around Tuesday.)

The FaireChylde at Hope's Horizon by Wildstar Beaumont

One Auction Closes Soon, Another Opens…

Fairelands Junction_013 by Wildstar BeaumontDo you love the Fairelands? Do you love good deals, exclusive one-of-a-kind items and unique prizes? Of course you do!

Our Silent Auction closes today Saturday at 5 PM SLT, make sure your bid is the winning one before that! The Silent Auction takes place in Fairelands Junction and you can window-shop beforehand here.

The Live Auction takes place tomorrow on Sunday, 4-6 PM SLT in the courtyard of The Palace of Tears. This is your one chance to take home a whole Faireland: Hope’s Horizon, The Faery Court and Wiggenstead Mooring are up for bid in their entirety, same as the Wizard’s Tower from the Palace of Tears hunt and many other marvelous pieces of the Fairelands.

Right after the Live Auction there will be the traditional Closing Party in the same spot, our way to say goodbye to the Fairelands of this year, to send them back to their own realm for a year to cocoon and slumber and then return to us the next year in a new shape. Come join us in waving goodbye and wishing them — wishing all of us — well.

Palace of Tears_009 by Wildstar Beaumont