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Raising the Sun Over Fallen Sands

As the sun bakes down on the orange grains of Fallen Sands the elephants celebrate in the golden rays. Sunday in the eternal city is bustling with activity. The sim is dotted with a number of great Fantasy stores that are situated in a world where alien plants spring from the sands and water is a cherished resource. A few unfortunate souls can be found in various situations where the climate was not so kind. Giant mechanical birds loom overhead to scoop up these less fortunate, no doubt. If you have not had a chance to explore all of the sims, today is a good day to see as much as possible for the faire will be ending before we know it.


LOCATION: Fallen Sands ~ Sponsored by Merchants of Dreams

For information on the outfit worn in the image please check the credits on my Flickr Page.


Roaming San Mora

According to the history logs, San Mora was once the center of prosperity with a thriving pharmaceutical center. The city was quarantined when a deadly contagion was released into the air; the event’s intention is rather unclear and there are many theories detailing that the catastrophic event could possibly have been perpetrated on purpose. The city was left without law or governance and the survivors of the contaminant ruled the land. The fires have long since burned out and it’s inhabitants scurry from shelter to make-shift shelter in the often deadly hunt for food.

Jaimy Hancroft, Eowyn Swords & Morbid Deceit are the brains behind San Mora which is sponsored by Death Row Designs.

LOCATION: San Mora Sponsored by Death Row Designs {Fantasy Faire}

Details on the outfit can be found on my Flickr.


Duchess and Sorchiee Reporting from Malfience ~ Fantasy Faire 2016 ~

Hello and Good Day Fantasy Faire! Sorchiee here reporting from the gorgeous Malfience SIM with my oh-so-adorable bestie and seasoned Fantasy Faire Camera Woman, Duchess Flux! After yesterday’s debacle we just HAD to get this right. Alia may have foiled us yesterday, but have no fear The Elves are here! Today’s Faire scheduled was packed with fun activities and missions. We couldn’t just sit back and let Alia have all the fun. Nope. We wanted in on this fantasy goodness so we grabbed out gear and headed to the local hotspot for some one-on-one interviews with the men who know the ends and outs of the “Tale of Exiles” quest better than anyone else!Interview

“Good Morrow fine Sir!” Duchess greeted in her mellifluous voice. The Elven Guard just stood there staring straight ahead. “Sir?” Duchess asked tilting her head. “Sir!” She stamped her foot before him and folded her arms across her chest. I looked from the Guard to her puzzled.

“Maybe he’s under orders to keep silent?” I asked quizzically.

Maleficence FF“Yeah, but is he under orders to be a rock?!” Duchess huffed at the Guard. She smirked at me and said, “I’m gonna poke him.” I shook my head frantically.

“No! Don’t do that. We could get placed in jail or worse, we could be sacrificed to the Faire Gods!” I whimpered covering my eyes. Duchess shrugged non-chalantly and with all the flair in the world, she extended her index finger and shoved it straight into the Guards Arm! I closed my eyes tightly and held my breath just as Duchess yowled in pain!

Maleficence Sorchiee“My finger! That dumb Guard broke my finger!” She carried on yowling and crowing for a good minute while I peeked through my spread fingers. The Guard had not moved a single muscle and had continued to keep his silence…

“Wait a second…” I walked forward and touched the guard’s hand…He was icy cold. “Duchess! It’s a statue for crying out loud!” I smacked my forehead against my palm.Maleficence Fantasy Faire 2016

“Yeah! No duh, Dumbledore!” Duchess grumbled clutching her index finger and looking all-in-all displeased. I held back a giggle and looked the stone Guard up and down. Foiled again! I’m sure Alia figured we’d go straight to the Elven Guards to gather some serious intel. Suddenly we spotted a purple pixie skipping toward us with jazz hands. “Cole!” I called out smiling from ear to ear. “Boy am I glad we ran into you. What’s the deal with the stone Guards?” I asked.

“Stone Guards? I don’t see any stone Gurads.” Cole shrugged and skipped off with her jazz hands. I turned back to the guard but he wasn’t there! The other guard had vanished too!

Maleficence Dryad 2“What in the world is going on here?!” I cried. Duchess had retreated to the shade of a giant willow and planted (get it? Planted?! Ya know, because she’s a Dryad? Bahahahahahahahha) herself firmly beneath it. I glanced over toward her and sighed. “Yeah…This is gonna be a long day.” I mumbled. This is Sorchiee and Duchess reporting from Malfience. Stay classy, Fantasy Faire.

To learn about the outfits Duchess Flux and Sorcha Irelund are wearing check out the Fantasy Faire fashion blog post on Threads and Tuneage