Stories from the Regions: Serenity

By Gwen Enchanted

Only the lost will find it
Only the found will stay
Only the parched one will drink from its waters
And only the sated will swim to its shores

This is the tale my mother told me of the temple in the clouds that is Serenity. And we thought it was a folktale. We heard songs where people went to it, poems they composed of it, fantasies brought back from it, but we did not believe.

Long, long, long into the night, I sat up, looking to see if its glowing spires revealed themselves after midnight as some stories said. And then I peeked behind my left shoulder on the first day of spring for three years running, but nothing happened.

I may have been as young as twelve when I decided I did not believe in it, that it could not exist. I scoured all the books in the cunningwoman’s house. I asked the passing traders. I asked the birds (which wasn’t the best idea because they had me thinking in circles for weeks), I asked the bees, I asked centaurs and satyrs.

The clock of the universe ticked slowly by, and the stars moved, and the moons moved, and some fell to earth and some passed by, and I grew into a woman of middle age. My lover said, “You are tired. Let’s walk.” She took my hand, and there was a breath of wind, just a breath, as I settled into step beside her, our warm fingers twining together like ivy on a green goddess.

It was at that moment when the world shifted, my sight cleared, and I could see that all around me there were steps.

“Darling,” I said, “how long have we been climbing these steps?”

“I think we met about half-way up,” she replied. “Look, just a few more.’

And so, hand in hand, we stepped round candles, onto a landing, then up yet five more steps.

And found ourselves in the commune, the community, of my childhood tales.

And if you think that sounds like the end of the story, well, that’s where you’d be wrong. The story hadn’t yet started.


1b Serenity Great Tree with Lyr and the Giant

The Fae and the Giant
by Lyr Lobo
after seeing the giant Kraven Moreau on Serenity

1a Giant in the Water on Serenity

Do you hear
the beat of wings
as I drift past your ear?

2 Buzzing by the giant

Does the breeze
waft ’round you
as I circle you so near?

3 Gazing out to sea

What sounds beckon
you to turn fast
and yet I disappear?

4a View from the lily pad 2

Only to land
upon the lily and
quiver at you with fear?

5 Cale likes his eyes

‘Til you speak
words deep within
that only I can hear.



by Midnight Dae

Numbly I plod through my days,
Shadows fill the space from which you were torn,
My thoughts spiral in a maze,
My existence becomes only to mourn.

In Serenity a candle captures my mind,
Fleeting peace in the flame I find.

Healing begins.



Serenity #1
by Caledonia Skytower

The sea is calm and constant.
the breeze wraps its arm around me,
“find the light”
it murmurs softly
as invocation.

A tiny warmth
tucked in the shadow of stone
“I am here,
we are here”
it welcomes.

The stairs are cool and worn,
the wildflowers tickle
“climb high,
as high as you can”
they cheer.

Each one calls, more lights
on the water, in the spray
with a voice
unique, distinctly
singing out.

Flame, mist, wisps and starlight.
more and more everywher
trees wafting the song
of a glowing chorus
climbing higher.

A Choir in every corner
every corner and cranny
above and below
that which is easily forgotten
“Not alone, never alone.”


Outside Plastik_001Serenity #2
by Caledonia Skytower

Lily lights
butter flights
pink and blue,
hue of sunshine.

Leafy and wisp
flutter, twist
flirtatious wink.


Air that shines
bright entwines
filled with life.

Drawing, beckon
“come and reckon,
inside our joy”



Exploring Serenity
by Melyna Foxclaw

Upon reaching Serenity, I wandered around the grounds and after coming across the cove, I had to stop and stare at its beauty. Flitting around it seemed unfitting. And so I walked down the stone stairs and stood at the edge of the walkway to just listen to the sounds of the waterfalls and look upon the calmness of the cove. Such beautiful flowers in the water, I wanted to just lay on them and feel the sun beaming down on me, keeping me warm. But I did not want to disturb anything more since I’d already fallen in the water and had struggled just to get out! I felt silly!

So, I flew to the top of big waterfall and stood to stare out upon the water again. I so love the sounds of the waterfalls….I love it, so serene should I say. Such a name is so fitting for this place! I feel I could come out here if I feel that I can’t take the world any longer. I have always loved writing or reading to the sounds of water in the distance.

I took in the sight of the big tree near the landing point. Its roots must be able to reach the water in the cove; the tree was so big and so lush, as was the grassy area surrounding the buildings around the sim. The sunsets must be unbelievable here! Or it could just be me, in awe of such a quiet, calm, beautiful place. I tend to get lost in places that seem to push me to forget everything but the here and now.

And so I sat quietly atop the stone wall near the big waterfall not far from the great tree. Looking, daydreaming and just enjoying life itself. I sat until nighttime came and then made my journey home.



short poem by Ishara Longstaff
attending the
poetry prompt with Lesley Writer


Crunch goes my footsteps, upon graveled ground.
Splash goes the waves. I feel spray against my skin. I hear seagulls mocking cry.
listing, hearing, music in sun rise. It is song of my companion.

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