Sanctuary: The Rise of the Blood King

After a great turmoil in Sanctuary, most hoped that peace would follow and that all would calm down, but a great earthquake ripped through the realm like the very earth was awakening from a long slumber and the skies rained blood as though the heavens were pierced.

The people of Sanctuary knew that no such peace would be in store for them anytime soon …

Sanctuary will be based in Dangarnon.
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Timetable for Sanctuary:
Thursday April 21  ~ 2-3:00
An unknown gypsy comes to the city with a dire message for all, not only for Sanctuary but for the very world and worlds beyond. 

Saturday April 23 4-5:00
Come and see the creation of the Blood King.

Monday April 25 2-3:00
The gypsy will show the heroes and villains how to defeat the Blood King and what is needed to do this. Will it cost too much? will it cost all to stop his rise?

Wednesday April 27 2-3:00
The First item in the Quest to stop the Blood King has been revealed – but the path path to retrieve it seems impossibly difficult. Will you be able to help this Quest?

Friday April 29 2-300
Just as hope begins to return, a strange new threat awakens – a sign that the the prison of the Red King nearing failure! Can a weapon of evil be blessed to save all the realms?

Saturday April 30 4-5:00
The time for the final confrontation is approaching – but the Gypsy has a warning that one final condition must be met. Will the heroes find one among their number who can rise to the challenge?

May 1 1-3:00
The Final Confrontation with the Blood King. All seems lost … or is it?



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