Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch

Thousands of years ago, an ancient nemesis was defeated, but not entirely destroyed. That enemy once more stirs, and seeks to return and to steal away Sanctuary for themselves!

In the darkness and secret passageways of the past, the way to defeat this terror lies, but will the answers be found once more in time?

We do not know why the enemy is returned, although this lost truth is likely of great importance. There is, however, a group, with deeply hidden motives, all dressed in black cloaks, and all bearing a symbol of a snake stabbed with a dagger. It is clear that they harbor a terrible hatred and wish for vengeance against the royal family, and that they wish to take Sanctuary away from them, doing as much damage as they may in the process!

Beilad szt ff 2017

Read more about the background to the Sanctuary roleplay here.
Once the Faire begins, you will be able to read daily updates here.

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