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Thursday April 20th
The Oasis And The Saga Begins

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The snake cultist has proclaimed a terrible grievance with the Sultan Lut…and wishes vengeance upon his entire blood line for it regardless of relative innocence. He seeks magical gems with which to construct a scepter of unbelievable power so as to destroy them all and Sanctuary forever.

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Miriamne, diplomat for the Royal Family, and the intrepid adventurers of Sanctuary seek to stop him. Meanwhile, shall he remain alone? He does after all have a side…


The Emerald Djinn came to warn him off, and to warn the adventurers as well. On the morrow they begin the decent beneath the Oasis…a long and terrible journey where he will seek his scepter Gems, and they will seek the gems of defense, and battle many monsters along the way!


Friday, April 21st
The Awful Sewers

Today the Snake Cultist found the second Gem for the Scepter, coming that much closer to gaining vengeance against the Royals.


Our intrepid adventurers on behalf of Sanctuary sought out and found the second gem of defense, after many battles against horrid creature eggs, awful giant flies, a very grumpy crocodile, and several very nasty rats while searching ancient sewers beneath the Oasis.


There was green slime, and a room full of many eyed horrors as well and the smell was not pleasant at all.

As the Cultist spewed his vitriol, Miriamni came in armor and tried to remain calm. Sun and Cinder the dancers held each other, but ultimately it was Sun that found the Gem for the Royals.

Pretty Dark Hair

Many hurled spells and used their weapons. The next level shall come on the morrow. What might it hold?


Saturday, April 22nd
The Prison of The Forgotten, And The Amethyst Djinn

The Amethyst Djinn

Today our intrepid adventurers ventured ever more deeply beneath the Oasis. Now past the horrors of the sewers, they found themselves in the Prison of the Forgotten, searching for the Gem of Defense, as the vengeful, and presumably mad Snake Cultist sought his Gem of power for the Scepter.

Adventurers in the Prison of the Forgotten.

Huge and terrible rats were defeated, as was an enormous louse, which kept sliding into things as it tried to attack. It made an awful mess on the dusty floors. Then came the warden of the place, the Amethyst Djinn. She guarded the retreat to rest of the Adventurers against the other terrible guardians of the place, even as the Cultist again found his Gem.

The Amethyst Djinn as Warden

Fortunately the ever courageous Stryx found the Gem of Defense just before, and gave it to Miriamne to hold. The Amethyst Djinn then revealed a secret as several adventurers began to desire the Gem. It is best that Miriamne hold on to them all, as she is pure. She clarified. A Virgin. Amarok then asked where Miriamne was staying. The Djinn informed him “NOT WITH YOU!”

Amarok and Miriamne


Sunday, April 23rd
The Buried Forgotten Tomb

Picture from the Tomb

Tonight the Snake Cultist forced our intrepid adventurers to continue more deeply beneath the oasis to a long forgotten tomb. There, they first did battle with a horrible monster that had tried to eat Miriamne. It seemed to be a chest but was not!

The Mimic Chest

Ultimately the huge troll warrior MarzkudaTuskbasher, Astrid and the others ended that terror. Miriamne cast spells of healing. Meanwhile, the Snake Cultist was attacked by a horde of scorpions that poured from a wall.

Adventurer Astrid.

Then the Topaz Djinn arrived, and put a stop to the monster attacks on the adventurers, but alas, the Snake Cultist found his gem.

The Topaz Djinn

The two trolls Suluzra and the enormous male desired treasure then, but the Djinn said it would be unwise…as Bast found the Gem of Defense, and pointed out that that was NOT treasure to be raided. Suluzra then asked the Djinn for a kiss instead, even as the Djinn said she’d allow them to take some shiny objects from the tomb she guarded. Lonely and alone in the tomb so long, The Topaz Djinn agreed. Suluzra left singing “I kissed a Djinn and I liked it.”

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Monday, April 24th
The Crystal Caverns

The Crystal Caverns

Today our courageous adventurers ventured down into the Crystal Caverns to find the fourth Gem of Defense.

The Black Baron and Strix.

A tremendous battle was had as the search went on with a pair of Cave Monsters. Scales flew! The Black Baron was struck to his knees, but healed by Miriamne, who had also been struck. Strix and Nikki pounded on the creatures, as did Waymon, Ash, and even the Snake Cultist (Though his spell misfired and he was sent flying), his next strike joined with the Baron’s was true, and they killed the second of the creatures.

The Cave Monster

The Baron’s mighty blow had finished the first, though many worked together on that. Bast had moved on to a snake, which wound up as scaly jerky!

The Black Baron

As the second creature was being defeated, the Obsidian Djinn appeared. She had been told of the coming by her sisters. She mourned the loss of her pets in this lonely place, but was understanding of the adventurers and the need to stop the Snake Cultist. Another kiss was given to Suluzra The dead eye troll by a second Djinn sister, and she went off singing “I kissed a Djinn and I LOVED it ultimately.

The Obsidian Djinn
Bast ultimately found the Gem and gave it to Miriamne, whom the Obsidian Djinn pointed out as pure.

Bast gives the fourth Gem to Miriamne

Kane then offered himself up for punishment to the Snake Cultist if he could dine upon said virgin. The Obsidian Djinn informed him that she was not a snack, upon which he left in a cloud of mad laughter for his tomb and his blood.

The Vampire Elder Kane.


Tuesday, April 25th
The Fifth Gem And The Caverns of Fire!

Today our fearless (Well mostly) adventurers ventured down and down, into the caverns of FIRE! The air was thick with noxious gases spewing from natural chimneys of rock, and the place was quite hot. Astrid was right at home.

Our Adventurers in the Cavern of Fire!
There they did battle against a most mighty demon foe! Astrid had spell backfires, as did Miriamne, who tried to heal her, and instead healed the demon! The one demonic hound hung back as the other attacked, but ran after taking a bit of damage, much to the anger of the demon, who called it a cur.

Astrid and Ogun's Daughter beside Miriamne

He wanted to keep her, and all of them, no doubt for fell purposes, being a demon. Instead of wounding the demon, the Snake Cultist launched a powerful spell at Bast, using the Four Gems he already had gained. Ogun’s daughter and Miriamne helped her to heal.

Tanith beside the demon!

A tiny angel baby crawled into the field, and sicked her pixy on him! The demon let out a terrible sneeze, and the angel baby was horrified by the demon snot. Tanith then caught him with an awful coughing fit by use of her pipe.

Angel Baby and her Pixie

The Gem of Defense was found by Bast once more, even as the Ruby Djinn arrived, and called off the demon and his demonic reptilian hounds.

The Ruby Djinn beside several adventurers.
The snake cultist found the Scepter Gem then, and though the Djinn did hit him, he managed to slither with it, to return on the morrow no doubt at all for number six!

The Ruby Djinn, Adventurers, and the Cultist!


Wednesday, April 26th
The Ruins of The Spider Queen

Miriamne and the Spider Queen.
Today The Snake Cultist and the Heroes of Sanctuary continued ever deeper beneath the Oasis. First they came upon the scene of a terrible battle of long ago, where bones lay strewn beneath many webs of spiders. The webs were thick and constant throughout, spread everywhere, above and below. The scent of death yet hung here, as there were some rats that did not die so long ago.

The Adventurers

First our adventurers came across a huge spider, that immediately sprinted for Bast. It was a long battle. Misfired spells hit Lord Larkin, penetrating even his stout armor. Ogun’s Daughter and Miriamne both had to heal him.

Bast attacking ahead of the others.

At one point, the spider, trying to crawl up a web, fell on Miriamne’s head! Fortunately before it could do much damage, it was blasted free. It was a true group effort!
During the fight, Mia hit the Cultist with a burst of pink flower petals. It was a mighty strike that caused him damage and to sneeze like mad. He then wandered off, believing that he heard the singing of his dead wife.

Mia, Astrid, and Skylar

Finally, Lord Larkin had his due of the creature. It had lost three legs, mostly to Skylar, but now with a mighty blow It was very much destroyed.

A Terrible Foe

Astrid found the Gem of Defense this time, and gave it over to Miriamne, just as she found The Spider Queen.


The adventurers continued on. Soon enough they came across the Spider Queen and two of her young. She questioned them. She was also…hungry. It seems however that she had spoken to the Djinn whose domain this was already, and knew what was about. She had an Eye on the Snake Cultist, who had returned, but before she could do a thing, he found the sixth Gem of the Scepter behind her, and, even as he had begun to degrade from the nature of what he held, he blasted her to smithereens. The two child-spiders cried out in horror, and fled.

The Sapphire Djinn.

The Snake Cultist promptly removed himself no doubt to find the next Gem on the Morrow. The Sapphire Djinn meanwhile arrived. She asked Skylar and others to tea, as she’d now be lonely here without the Spider Queen to talk to. She revealed that Miriamne must now find the seventh Gem and be the one, as the Pure One, to battle the Cultist. She said that she would do it for her Home, Sanctuary, and for the family of her erstwhile Liege.

Miriamne in the Ruins of the Spider Queen.


Thursday, April 27th
The Caverns of Fear: Part 1

The Snake Cultist in the Caverns of Fear!

Down and down the Saviors of Sanctuary have gone, needing to follow the now clearly quite mad Snake Cultist, still bent on vengeance. Holding the Gems of the Scepter is clearly causing him to degrade both physically and mentally. Magically however, he becomes more and more powerful! First to be encountered are two gargoyles, blocking the way down.

The Gargoyle Guardians!

The humanity is gone it seems from the Snake cultist, though his shadow is visible…and seems to be soundlessly screaming! Princess Stabbitha notices this and suggests he be burnt as a witch, but Miriamne says it’s too late for that. Astrid states that the price he is paying for his desire for vengeance is rather…large. The Gargoyles meanwhile make clear that they shall not let the adventurers pass! They also make clear to Bunny who hopes that they are not hungry that they always are and have a particular fondness for fairies…such as Bunny.

Bunny, Miriamne, and Ogun's Daughte G RATED

Miriamne has begun to become a bit odd…voice echoing, showing far more power. She assures the others that it is the Gems of defense, but that she will defend Sanctuary the Royal family, and her companions. They are not corrupting her as they are the Cultist’s set of scepter Gems.

Miss Phire and Princess Stabbitha

The Gargoyles then announce “We shall do battle now Fleshlings!” And attack. In spite of being the first to be attacked, with his aura of magic, the Cultist simply goes right by the Gargoyles, leaving the rest to deal with them. Bunny throws dust and rocks. Miriamne is struck by an accidental mushroom stalk attack made by Ktahdn that misses a gargoyle when he trips on a ledge.

Bast and Ktahdn

Miriamne just brushes it off…healing her clothing as that is all that seems to be taking damage. Her aura of magic has also grown. Ktahdn gives her a towel to wipe away the spores. Miss Phire also suffers an injury, and Ogun’s Daughter kisses it away with her healing magics.
Meanwhile, the cultist is hallucinating his dead family, and sees in his false nightmare visions Lut and his family dining upon them!

Adventurers in the Caverns of Fear

Ktahdn finally strikes a gargoyle a powerful blow with a ripped up mushroom. Bunny during the magics is giving off a scent of candy. No wonder the Gargoyles like Fairy! Miss Phire hits one gargoyle with a thorn spell, wrapping it up and making it slam into a ledge. It is then further beaten by the others as only one remains free. That one is hit a most powerful blast of rainbow coruscate rainbow colors from Miriamne, now with six gems of defense apparently very powerful indeed! The Moonstone Djinn then appears!

Miriamne and the Moonstone Djinn

She calls off and heals the almost doomed Gargoyles, making it clear that the seekers of the Gem of Defense and Miriamne, the pure one, are to pass. They then all share chocolate and the Moonstone Djinn asks that when this is all over, they might share tea. It also becomes clear that the Cultist is seeing things, and that something is pulling the strings! The unnamed ones! They have seen a way to destroy the Djinn, and are using him to do so. He sees his dead wife…beautiful as the day they met. And she whispers to him to destroy the Djinn that Lut wished to save Sanctuary…that then they can be together…forever! Bast finds again the Gem of Defense. The seventh and final one. But then…so does The Cultist find the Seventh Gem of the Scepter! And it becomes clear why the Djinn defend this weapon. It can destroy them…even destroy a GOD!

The Cultist Finds the Final Gem.

The Cultist then opens a door in an attack on the Moonstone Djinn, dark hands trying to pull her in. Miriamne’s rainbows of magic stop this. The cultist then declares that he shall return on the morrow. The Djinn makes clear that they shall have to assemble the Gems in the Temple far below…

The Moonstone Djinn


Friday, April 28th
The Caverns of Fear: Part 2

“This is a place of death” said MIriamne as they entered.
“Where dark things gather and Gibber…” Said Ktahdn.
“Yessss….” Miriamne let out a slow, echoing hiss, her voice changing from the weight of the magic of the Gems of Defense that she bears, now all seven.

Miss Phire, Bast, and Miriamne

Today our adventurers had a nasty surprise! There was no protest at all, in fact a rather friendly wave from the gargoyles as they rushed further down than they had ever been, following Miriamne and seeking to head off the Snake Cultist, who has dubbed himself ‘The Betrayed’. She assembled the others before the entry to the last cavern, and begged that they hold the line. Then came the cultist…and he had multiplied! And more! Tanith had joined The Cultists as their healer! They had come to a standoff, and their first true battle against each other.

Tanith and the CultistS!
Both sides pounded upon one another, primarily with spells. XIao Xiao hurled her lightning. Miriamne tried to keep up a shield to not allow the cultists to pass. Bast was badly injured and very nearly killed when the cultist animated skeletons who performed a poison arrow attack on her. Several adventurers were injured, also including Xiao, and Miss Phire was also nearly slain by another of the linked Cultists in the ensuing melee. Bast begged of her Goddess while rolling in agony to heal her.

The Cultists Attack!

Miriamne cast a mighty heal, but could not also maintain the shield in that spot. The Cultists joined together their power, in spite of Miriamne’s cry to break them apart. A terrible sound came from the sucking emptiness of the one Cultist’s spell. Miss Phire covered her ears as Miriamne threw up a shield of dancing lights and incredible power.

Xiao Xiao

The Magic of the four cultists, joined together from different universes by the power of the Gems, unites, and a void of blackness attacks the shield.

Prince Bobby and his mighty Slavic squatting, and great magics aside, they could not hold the line there, but had to go below, by the final gate to the temple. As they did, Xiao’s final strike on the one cultist brought the first fatality. He had been the one in the beginning to laugh an empty laugh and say Like a flood we will come and you will see no end I hope you resolve is strong enough for that.”

Extradimensional Cultist _Clone_

By the time that the prime Cultist descended, he was again alone and realized this! He then narrowed his eyes and screamed words that no human should know, words that only those cursed by creation itself would utter! Black tears he had shed upon the ground forced the skeletons to become as giants, and to attack Miss. Phire with bony, poisoned fists.

Miriamne and the Defenders at the Final Gate.

Miriamne hurls an attack at the thing, and Miss Phire sends a vine attack at the cultist that misfires. Prince Bobby comes up from a most dignified squat, and nails the cultist where it hurts the most. That happens twice!

Ktahdn and Miss Phire by the Final Gate.

It does not however stop the Cultist. He uses a skeleton golem attack to force Miriamne to drop the shield in favor of stopping it before it can destroy her comrades, and the Cultist slips through the gate!

The Prime Cultist.


Saturday, April 29th
Battle at The Temple on The Edge of Forever

The Father of DJinn and The Sapphire Djinn came to bear witness to the final battle, threat to them as well.

The Father of Djinn and the Sapphire Djinn
The Snake Cultist who labeled himself ‘The Betrayed’ would not stand down, and continued in his terrible quest for vengeance unneeded and unwarranted against the Royal Family, now even trying to destroy the Djinn along with Sanctuary for the dark powers that are taking over his mind with the possession of the Gems of the Scepter. Miriamne went forth to stand against him with the Stave of Defense, her own set of Gems united.

The Battle Begins!
Miriamne squares off against the Cultist. “I am sorry for you. But you must be stopped…” It is like a song from the heavens as she speaks. Lord Larkin, Gamer, and Prince Bobby have also come to stand in support of the defense of Sanctuary. Meiun, the Father of Djinn speaks. “Use my power and he will know true peace in death.”

Those who come to stand in support and bear witness!
Then the Cultist speaks; “Silence you devils” points to the djinn.” My family and all my friends are dead because of you. My city is in ruins and my very mind is ripped to pieces” suddenly a door would appear behind him, “I know even with all the gems in this staff I have now I do not have the power to beat you all. But with this partially formed staff I can summon the rest of me!” Suddenly the door would open as a giant beam of black light would stream into the staff “To empower me!” suddenly his body would become shadows and flames and grow 15 feet tall, gripping a flaming ax! His head sprouted horns and his countenance turned demonic “NOW DIE!” suddenly he would slam down with his ax in mirriane’s direction.
Miriamne Raises her glowing Stave of Defense and his attack simply shoots off into the sky. “We shall not perish from this place!”

Miramne Counters!

This time the Cultist attacks Meiun, Father of the Djinn, declaring the Djinn to be devils.
Amarok, the chaos angel unleashes the captured louse and rat spirits to choose sides. The Sapphire Djinn proclaims Djinn kind as the lesser of evils if you take care your desires.
Miriamne says : “Lut was careless…and we have all suffered…even as had we not, we should all have been condemned to destruction long past…including you and all that you held dear.”
Zodiac of the Amazons draws her ax on behalf of the side of the Royal family and the city of Sanctuary. Bast calls out to her Goddess Bastet for aid.
Meiun ‘s body slams back into his throne, as a large fissure breaks through his marbled skin. “You have power fool, but I have more.” He proclaims. His daughter, the Sapphire Djinn cries out in fear!

Miriamne Defends!

The Cultist was pushed back by the attack and screamed as it hurt him yet he stood up again and narrowed his eyes” DAMMIT YOU BEING POWERED BY THE DJINN. I NEED MORE POWER” would then hear the voice of his dead wife” OPEN THE GATE, LET ME IN I CAN HELP” suddenly he turned and screamed ” HOOOOOOW” Then a softer voice “Death.” He understood now. He looked back at the door and screamed “NOW!” His staff flared with power, and he impaled himself! His blood pooled on the ground, not red, but black, so black that no light would ever reflect from it. the substance then showed unknown horrors, things unnameable. The nameless ones were coming though!

The Cultist Opens The Gate!

“NO!” Miriamne Gasps. “They must not pass into this domain!” A huge blast of light hits the door, and tries to keep it from opening further or allowing the horror to spill from it. “Not here. NOT IN OUR HOME!” Her cry is like the crack of thunder at the dawn of time, as rays of blue and lavender corruscate about the opening.
Amarok’s spirits go to heal Meiun! The Cultist is truly betrayed now. He does not see the horrors, but instead his wife and children nd he pushes the Scepter deeper into himself, and bleeds more. He is uniting himself from all the universes. They all come to destroy!
Miriamne aims another blast of light at the Cultist himself. “See TRUE….see what you bring to this place. SEE what is coming…it is not what you think! The Betrayal is in the Staff of Despair…killer of Djinn, Destroyer of ALL the Gods themselves!”


“Yes Pure one! Make him SEE!” cries The Sapphire Djinn.
And he did, but that did not stop him, now in the depths of madness he cried I don’t care let them devour you all, let them devour me” Even as he spoke, the many of himself were at war with each other. One jumped through to make clear that the portal must be shut.

The Battle Rages

Tears begin to stream down Miriamne’s face as this other one comes to make a sacrifice beyond time and belief, to condemn himself to a place of ultimate horror and sadness…likely for all of eternity, to stop the madness and the destruction. Raises high her staff. “Gratitude…” Her voice echoes again, with a beauty now from the magicks of the Stones of Defense like creation at the dawn of time, that first burst of incredible, life giving LIGHT…and it aims to throw them both through the horrid portal.

Go back!

More cultists pour through. Bast cries for more aid. Meiun casts a shield of pure white light around himself and his daughter. Miriamne cries : “ALL of you see TRUE! ALL of you DEPART. THIS is not the place for you!” Raises high the staff, and brings it down in an enormous cascade of light, blasting several of the Cultists right back into the maw of the otherwordly horror. Prince Bobby cries that he shall go Chernobyl on the Cultists, and goes Bruce Lee! Meiun turns two to ash. Bast shreds them with her swords, shielded in magic. Amarok joins the battle on the side of sanctuary. Zodi gives a mighty hoofen kick to a cultist’s chest and sends him back through with a hole in him. Meiun endows her hooves with the power of light and a blast of electricity! Bast howls “For the Princess!” as she reaches her hand around one cultist’s neck, and yanks his spine free.


It is all out war. The defenders fighting cultists, the cultists fighting each other. There is blood everywhere. Meiun hopes that it does not stain his lovely white skin.
Prince Bobby yells “for my babushka borsch , they are regenerating !! * he yells as he grabs his nunchakus from his belt and start to break skulls ” Bast shouts out her ancient language and a vortex of fangs, claws and rasp like cat tongues would fly around her, shredding cultists as fast as they appeared near her.
Amarok is quickly over come by the clones.. pinned beneath a mass of cultists that bludgeon the angel mercilessly…broken feathers stuck with blood litter the floor when they move on to attack others….while smaller downed feathers float in the air about the lifeless angel on the floor. “Then Blood for Blood it shall be!” cries Meiun as he expends ever more power toward Miriamne. “Father!?” Cries the Sapphire Djinn, and lends her power to him as well. Prince Bobby”Does what he does bes and makes a healing sandwich as he watched Amarok on the ground and kicks his way to him shoving the healing mayo into him “No comrade no one will die…”

Zodi and Amarok Down!

The fight goes on. Prince Bobby gives a left hook to the scrotal sack of one cultist. Amarok gets a sandwich smashed into his face adding insult to injury, the healing sandwich does nothing but make a mess of his face as he continues to lay on the ground unconscious. Bast pauses and directs her vortex of cats around her, panting as she watches clones sucked up one by one like being taken up by a Hoover on steroids, and flayed. The Sapphire Djinn drains power from her very being, going ever more pale, and sends a healing to Amarok! Zodi sings “Kung Fu Fighting” as she smashes cultists! Meiun also sends healing to Amarok.

Prince Bobby.

The Evil occultist finally has the staff ripped free by the other, and is torn from the ledge, and both fall into the void. The suction of the thing is terrible…and the other cultists, good or bad, fall into it…it even tries to draw in the defenders!
Miriamne raises the Stave of Defense in a burst of light that will hang on to the Defenders and keep them from falling in! “Hold Fast! IN the name of Sanctuary, The Djinn, and the Royal Family of Sanctuary! Hold FAST!” Meiun raises a wall of power to keep the Defenders from falling in, and his daughter gives him all but the last bit of her energy. “Those cats were faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast as lightning” before she falls back from hitting the wall “ouch” sings Zodi.


Finally nothing remains of the Cultists and the door is shut. Miriamne falls to her knees and weeps for all who have been injured…and for the Cultists most of all. “We have won…Sanctuary is Safe…HOME is safe…our entire reality…is safe!” The Sapphire Djinn then rises, and Miriamne goes to her place, to present the Staff and Stave both, giving them back into the guardianship of the Djinn.

Returning the Staff and the Stave.

The End…for now.

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