The Fairelands Saga

Welcome to the 2012 Fantasy Faire Fairelands Saga Hunt!

We are so glad to have you joining us. Here are just a few instructions to help get you headed in the right direction for exploring the sims, finding the shards, and collecting your treasures.

There is need to explain that this is a two stage Hunt. There are gifts on every sim, but there are also end game prizes to be won if you complete the hunts on all 8 sims. Read forward to learn how to maximize your treasure hoard.

1. What to do first? This is a HUD based Hunt where you will be purchasing a HUD to search and collect items which then allow you to access the gifts. You can purchase Hunt HUDs at these locations:

Fairelands Junction Gateway Portal
Fairelands Junction Library
Devil’s Locket Arrival Point
Jungle Bungle Arrival Point
Meandervale Arrival Point
Shadow’s Claw Arrival Point

2. Attach the Hunt HUD. For this Hunt you will be finding 8 shards of glass. When you find a shard (there is one per sim), you will touch the shard and it will be captured in your HUD. As you find the shards, you will see that your now empty frame begins to fill up.

3. Read through the Sirens’ Song notecard to find follow the story of the Fairelands Saga Hunt and to read the list of clues to the location of each shard.

4. When you find a shard, you want to make sure you HUD is attached. Then click on the shard. It will then appear in the frame of your HUD. Once you have located the shard for a sim, you will be able to open the books that are at the storefront of many of the merchants on that same sim.

You can NOT access any of the treasures in the books on any sim until you find the shard for that sim and see it reflected in your Hunt HUD.

Here is a list of the Book Titles you will be able to open one you find the 8 shards. You do not need to find all 8 shards before opening the Books up on each sim.

The Minerals of Devil’s Locket
Creatures of Jungle Bungle
Trails of Meandervale
The Lost Tribes of Nu Orne
Heroes of Shadow’s Claw
Tracking in Shifting Sands
Shells and Mysteries of Siren’s Secret
Philosophy of the Tides

5. Once you have found all 8 shards and your mirror frame is completely restored, you will be able to gain access to the final prizes stored in the Fairelands Junction Library in the tome called The Fairelands Saga. Simply travel with your reassembled HUD to the Fairelands Junction Library and click on one of the books. A deluge of end game prizes will be your reward!

The hints to where the shards are hidden are buried in this verse that is often heard floating over the waves in Siren’s Secret.

The Sirens’ Song ~ The Riddle of the Shards

There is a song the sirens sing that every child knows
Whispered on the evening tides and hummed along the shoals.

Many moons have passed since he, the man from Outworld came
He followed our stories near and far, our heart was his to name

But all the tales he spun with ease the Unweaver sought to unravel
So brave he was he knew his task and packed his scrolls for travel

He kissed his wife and hugged his daughter and cast a final glance
Then strode with purpose toward the Glass to give all a fighting chance

The Sirenglass it trembled as he touched it with his hand
The enchantement cracked and flew apart into shards across the land


The first shard found its home beneath the deep dark rolling waves
Between the ocean flowers and rotten bones of an old ship’s grave

The second shard flew straight and true to land behind the ear
Of one who hears the clear bell toll of the rising tide of fear

The third was caught by a scaled claw and carried through the wind
The shard now rests high in the keep nestled under a dragon’s chin

Meandering streams and sunfilled fields offered one more hiding place
As shard the fourth did find its home among the scattered grapes

If shards had teeth or tongues or lips to savor chocolate’s taste
Then lucky number five would be in the pool at the beanstalk’s base

The ruins of an ancient race embraced shard number six
Hidden amongst the gnome toes and the softly glowing sticks

The howling wind and glittering sand quickly buried the seventh shard
Lost in the endless shifting dunes staying hidden wasn’t hard

The final shard found a steamy home above a lava vent
And thus the eight were scatter far across the continent!


We wait for a Traveler to hear our song and solve its riddled verses
Find the shards, restore the Glass! Or our future is accursed!

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