Outbreak at San Mora

A search for the cure.


The world as we once knew it came to an end two years ago with the outbreak of a viral infection that swept across the world leaving it in ruins. There was no cure for the virus that decimated the landscape.

When a radio message ignites the airwaves, promising salvation and a cure once thought beyond their reach, a rag-tag group of citizens from the small island traders-town of Arklay make the long and dangerous journey to San Mora. Once home to the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, today you find San Mora lightly populated by those left behind. They have made lives for themselves among the ruins, overshadowed by the large, towering skyscraper that they believe housed the lab that changed the landscape of the world. The military that were left have organized and now run the city. The EBDA.

But all is not as it seems in San Mora…

What dark secret does San Mora have behind its barricaded walls and overshadowing skyscraper…?  And will the Arklay survivors figure it out before it’s too late to get the promised cure?

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