Outbreak at San Mora – Updates

Saturday April 22nd
Day One – The Welcoming Committee


The survivors from Arklay have arrived in San Mora, beaching their boat on an open stretch of sand. Waiting to greet the new arrivals was a welcoming committee comprised of armed EBDA Soldiers, scientist and San Moran civilians, eager to usher the Arklay group beyond their protective wall to the ruined city beyond and the hospitality they promise awaits them inside.

An uneasy truce between the Arklay Survivors and San Morans is in place, but suspicions on both sides keep tensions high.

What will day two hold for the rag-tag group from Arklay and will the San Morans hospitality help to ease those tensions or only further our survivors mistrust?

Monday April 24th
Day Two – The Tour


After a tense first day the Arklay survivors returned to their boat to spend the night safely away from their new hosts but morning saw them once more gathered at the gates of The Wall.

The San Morans again offered their hospitality and though still reluctant, some few of the survivors eventually took up the offer and joined the San Morans for a tour..

Skyscrapers and stores, apartment buildings and laboratories… None have been spared the ravages of the epidemic and the resulting mobs.. the panic of the initial outbreak and the slow wearing of weather and time over the last few years, but the San Morans have made the best of it. Or have they?

Seemingly, caution has kept the San Mora survivors tight lipped about the cure,… but is it only caution.. or are they hiding something more sinister behind those wide smiles and welcoming attitudes?


Wednesday April 26th
Day Three – Behind the Scenes

SanMora-Day Three

Suspicion builds as the Arklay survivors continue to have their questions deflected and dissuaded by the soldiers and avoided by the smiling scientists who may hold the answers they so desperately want. Guided through the city and always under watch, the Arklay survivors devised an impromptu plan to find out what goes on behind the scenes.. and what the San Morans are hiding behind those false smiles… but timing is everything and our survivors were almost thrown off track when the plan went astray.

Looking for their chance, several of the Arklay ship’s crew wait patiently to make their move, praying the moment comes quickly as one of their own is carried away for medical attention, deep into the heart of the San Mora Laboratories.

Will the Arklay survivors get another chance to execute their plan?

What is the San Mora soldiers true motives and will the separated Arklay survivors find out before its too late?

Join us tomorrow at 12pm – 2 pm SLT in San Mora to find out what happens next..


Thursday April 27th
Day 4 – Red Handed


Using a moments distraction, two of our survivors took the initiative to figure out what was really going on behind the scenes of San Mora. While the rest of the group was occupied with the sudden collapse of one of their own, the two explorers made their way deep into the heart of the medical labs.. and what they found there chilled them to the bone.

Blood… Bodies… And the detailed records of horrific experimentation done to the poor victims of the San Mora scientist. Those poor few who had survived the initial outbreak of infection had gathered behind the walls of San Mora, seeking shelter and safety with the armed and organized EBDA to protect them… instead, they were subjected to cruel tests that unfailingly led to each of their deaths.

Poking their noses into the depraved doings of the San Morans and the startling revelations they found was enough to convince the explorers of their need to flee, but the depraved and determined soldiers of the EBDA (Emergency Biological Defense Agency) caught them red handed and took them into custody, leaving the other Arklay survivors at a loss to their location and scrambling to conceal their growing unease from the ever watchful EBDA and San Mora scientist.


Friday April 28th
Day 5 – Everything’s F**ked


A long night for two of our survivors held captive deep in the heart of the medical laboratories. Brutalized and beaten throughout the night, our two captives devised a plan for escape to warn their fellow Arklay survivors of the depravity and violence taking place behind the seemingly welcome walls of San Mora.

The remainder of the Arklay crew is stuck between a rock and crazy place, surrounded by armed soldiers and ominously smiling scientist they walk a knifes edge , balanced between discovery and escape with only their lies and determination to shield them.

After a struggle, the two captive made their escape.. one of too warn the other with help of a turncloak EBDA soldier, the other off to seek a bloody and painful revenge on her tormentor.. (R.I.P Mr. Snood)

Our final day will take place April 29th @ 12 pm – 2 pm SLT

Join us for the conclusion of Outbreak @ San Mora and discover for yourself if the visitors from Akrlay can survive the San Mora “cure”.


Saturday April 29th
Day 6 – A Not So Great Escape

bai felicia

The missing Arklay survivors arrived just in time to reveal
the terrible secret of San Mora. With the truth revealed of the horrible experiments taking place behind the scenes finally exposed, the San Moran soldiers moved in to cut off the Arklay survivors from their only means of escape.. The raft and the few friends
left to guard it.

Fighting their way through the ruined city, guided by
an escaped victim of the depraved experimentation and an EBDA agent turned against his own crew, the Arklay survivors finally made it back to the waiting boat, narrowly making their escape from the clutches of the evil scientists of San Mora.

Bai Felecia…..

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