Sanctuary Roleplay Sessions – The Trial of Lut

If you’ve missed any parts of our roleplay, you can find them in a clickable book called “The Origins Of Sanctuary: Lut’s Story”, sitting outside of the Throne Room and Court Room areas on the Spires of Andolys!

Thursday 23rd April ~ The Past Is Brought Forward

Just outside the throne room, Stevie, Princess Regent stepped forward and retold the tale of the origins of Sanctuary. Starting first with the history, she spoke of deals made with Djinn and Angels, and a possible double cross on the Great Sultan Lut’s part. The Djinn assumed they’d taken Lut’s humanity from him and put it into the body of a wolf, sent off to live in the wilderness, but alas, that was no wolf, that was a lycan! Much came to light, things that had been kept secret for eons, and now Lut’s humanity will be on trial for dishonesty against both God and the Djinn, neither of which has much sense of humor …

Friday, April 24th ~ Court Is In Session
Today, the prisoner, Malter/Lut was put in a holding cell while a competent Defense Attorney and Prosecutor were selected.


Judge Maleficent, not trusting either side to be forthcoming with anything that resembled candor, cast a truth spell and compelled all to be honest in their testimony. The head Djinn and one Angel of God stepped forward, presenting their charges, and opening statements were made.

Judge Maleficent ordered one mouthy bystander to be shot in the leg by the bailiff, which was accomplished most hastefully, while the Defense Attorney took the opportunity to shove the unwitting Prosecutor into a nearby river of hot lava, and all this before a single witness had been called for either side.

Court was adjourned till tomorrow at 1pm to give said Prosecutor time to pick hardened lava out of her hair and clothing.

Saturday, April 25th ~ It Started Like This


Judge Maleficent did again cast a spell for truth and honesty to be told on this day, a spell that would take them into the past, for all to see with their own eyes, the Sultan, his citizens, and their wicked ways.


The angel Apollyon was visited upon them, making a judgment to take back to God, upon Sanctuary which was then called Sodom. That judgment included debauchery, monsters and magical beings, lawlessness, and basically impenitent sin. Unfortunately, Lut seemed to be much more interested in taxing the brothel whores and finding a cure for penile lesions.


Sunday, April 26th ~ Amazon Tales Of Lut

Sanctuary FF14

The Sanctuary Amazons imparted their tales of Lut that had been passed down from generation to generation. Seems they were active in the realm even in those earlier difficult times, their sisters passing on tales in the tradition of sitting round the fire, ‘story talking’. They spoke of what was seen by their ancestors, the lust, hate, violence and many other sins that had doomed Sodom to be cursed by God. The story had been told of how an angel appeared one day and gave Lut the famous ultimatum to either leave Sodom with his family or perish with the others. Lut declared the importance of his family and the magical community, and how he was loathe to allow them to perish, but explained that he would do Gods bidding, and leave his beloved city. Was he being truthful? It seems the women had kept a small secret all those many years. Lut had been seen in those last days, moving about the city in disguise. What was he hiding? I have a feeling we’ll find out very soon! The Amazons did provide some much needed insight into Luts original goals for Sodom, and how he possibly strayed from those goals. The city was thought to have fallen, but it hadn’t, and Lut had a few good reasons for not letting this happen. In fact, he had many reasons for not letting the city be destroyed by God’s wrath. Reasons that sent him to make a deal with the Djinn. In the end though, we all know that its not wise to anger the big man upstairs.

Sanctuary FF12

  Monday, April 27th ~ The Hellhounds Go A’Marching

Sanctuary Hellhounds 1

The 195th Hellhounds of Sanctuary patrolled today, keeping the area safe, and making certain that the ‘One’ did not escape. Using such tactics as roaming and stationary patrols, they were also on hand to provide Med Evac services, as needed. General Sharpe and his well trained group guarded the prisoner Lut and made certain that we were all kept secure. As sighs of relief were collectively breathed, everyone managed a hearty, “well done, General!”

Sanctuary Hellhounds 2

Tuesday, April 28th ~ The Deal Was Struck

Sanctuary Deal Was Struck 4

The Sanctuary RP with the Child of Lut players continue today in court. The prosecution shows the other half of the past events to support their case of how the sultan broke the deal that was made long ago. Judge Maleficent again took us back in time to watch the actual events as they led up to the Sultan Lut making a deal with the Djinn Master.

Sanctuary Deal Was Struck 2

Lut grieved over the idea that God would destroy the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but spare only him and his family. The wretched Tax Collector spoke of a possible solution to the Sultan, who took the bait. The Djinn Master was sent for, Lut pleaded his case, offered the Djinn anything he wanted, and the the deal was struck! The Djinn offered to save his city and the people dear to him in return for a promise to allow all Djinn to live in Sodom/Sanctuary for as long as the Sultan lived, which now, according to the bargain, would be forever.

Sanctuary Deal Was Struck 1

No sooner did Lut utter his thank you, than the Dinn dropped the proverbial hammer, and cast a spell, cloaking Sodom/Sanctuary, destroying Gomorrah, then swiftly tearing all that was human from Lut, shaping it into a great wolf, and sent into the wilderness to live out his days apart from the Sultan, who he turned to stone and encased in a large magical orb, no longer able to appreciate the goodness of life.

Sanctuary Deal Was Struck 3

Wednesday, April 29th – A Witness For The Defense~

Sanctyar F20

The Sanctuary RP with the Child of Lut players are in the courtroom again! Today, the defense calls upon witnesses to support the Great Sultan’s case. Was he a pawn of the Djinn? Will he have to answer to the divine one for the big double cross? Defense attorney Belial called himself up to the witness stand and was vigorously examined by one of the several snakes that protruded from his chest and back, both the snakes and Belial proclaiming loudly the innocence of Maltur. Second to be questioned was Stevie, Princess of the realm of Sanctuary. Under heated exchanges between Belial and herself, Stevie claimed that she knew it to be true that Malter was indeed the Lut of old. Interesting enough though, when asked how Lut had become a Lycan instead of a wolf, and if indeed one of her own relatives may be Lycan, Princess Stevie invoked her right against self incrimination by pleading for her fifth amendment privilege! Then when asked if she’d conspired to break the deal that was made with the Djinn, she answered in the very same way! Hmmm, seems like someone knows something they aren’t telling!!!!

Sanctuary - Witness for the Defense 1

Thursday, April 30th – Maneki My Noodles To Go!

Sanctuary Maneki 2

The Sanctuary RP with the Child of Lut players hosted the townspeople of Sanctuary and their guests for lunch which was served by the Makei Neko Clan. All present did enjoy a taste of the best Ramen noodles in the realm after dispatching one sawed off runt of an imposter kitty chef! A watchful eye would have been able to see who the real power players were, by their orders. Judge Maleficent ordered the ‘All In One Special’, while the Vampire Princess Regent had her regular Blood Noodles With Pork, heavy on the blood. Spotted Goldfin pleaded for food and drink for the prisoner, and once delivered, was quickly ‘wolfed’ down, as it were. Lut seemed to have found a friend in Spotted, but of course things are not always as they may seem. There seemed to be quite a bit of arguing going on regarding the feeding and care of prisoners of the realm, which came very close to breaking out into a fistfight! Little bits of gossip flew here and there, in between the talk of who was most righteous, and who was not to be trusted, including quite a bit of tension between Lady Ara and Judge Maleficent. Oh to have been a fly on the wall over in that corner! There was even talk of the Princess’s possible relationship to the prisoner. Hmmmm…….

Sanctuary Maneki 1

Friday, May 1st – The Truth Is The Light!

Sanctuary Truth 2

The Sanctuary RP with the Child of Lut players were back in the courtroom today! And the light of truth did shine brightly! This time, the prosecution called upon Princess Stevie as a witness to support their case. The truth, and nothing but the truth was revealed. Seems that Lut did have one doozy of a secret after all! He’d had a secret love, a magical being who just happened to be the mother of our very own Princess! And that ain’t all! The real reason that Lut went to God to save his people and the magical community was because said love of his life was with child. I know, killer, right?

Sanctuary Truth 1

So after it was established that the Djinn screwed Lut over by poking him into a magical orb, turning him to stone, then ripping all that was human from him, with plans to put it into a wolf, destined to roam the wilderness alone, we find that the Princess’ mother wiped his memory clean and turned him into a lycan, so that they might have a chance at some sort of life together. And to put the cherry on top, who showed up in court today to prove that this whole crazy story was true, but the true Queen of Sanctuary, Sharaai, the daughter of Lut and Princess Stevie’s mother, who’d been in another dimension with the lycan Lut all this time. Maltur/Lut was then found not guilty, and said Queen Sharaai scooped up her daddy and took him back home with her! After that, Belial, the defense attorney was charged with trying to break Lut out of his cell two days ago, and tossed into the slammer himself. Oy, what a day!

Sanctuary Truth 3

Saturday, May 2nd – A Lawyer Is An Honest Man… NOT

Sanctuar Lawyer 3

The Sanctuary RP with the Child of Lut players were in the courtroom one more day, but not to give closing statements as we’d planned, because that case finished yesterday with a surprise ending. Today we were in court to give attorney Belial his due! He tried to break his client Lut out of jail, resisted arrest, and was also charged with contempt of court for being…. contemptuous!, and has now found himself in the clink.

Sanctuary Lawyer 2

When taken into custody, Belial did use a snake to remove Commander Sammy’s left eye, but being the good sport that she is, would put a patch over it and continue her duties. The 195th and the Raven guard factions had a field day of accusing one another of all sorts of improprieties, while heavy hinting went on about Belial paying off the 195th. Such scandal! There were plenty of insults to go round; meanwhile, Belial languishes in jail, all settled in for a comfy nights sleep with the corpses of prisoners long dead. Lets see how he gets himself out of this one tomorrow!

Sanctuary Lawyer 1

Sunday, May 3rd – And So It Was Written, And So It Was Done

Sanctuary Finale

On our last day at the Fantasy Faire, we tied up all our loose ends. Lut was freed, the true Queen was introduced as sister to the Princess. After hearing the verdict, Queen Sharaai took her father back to their own time and home, and Princess Stevie is still Princess Stevie. Attorney Belial is still the same arrogant snake loving Setite that he always was, his contempt charges were settled by a command of community services to be supervised by the Princess that he’s tried time and time again to behead. All in all, it was a good day in the realm that concluded a wonderful week and a half at the Fantasy Faire. The Sanctuary RP Community was honored to be asked back this year to roleplay, and looks forward to doing it again! We are humbled and send blessings to all!

Sanctuary Finale 2


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