The Tales of the Mouse

These are the stories told during the Mouse Day.

“The Beginning”

“Long ago in an ancient Library that we now sit far above, a tiny mouse climbed atop a mountain of books that were cared for by an old man named Jack Dot’n’Comma. The mouse sneezed from all the dust. and then fell into Jacks hands safely, where he muttered about the clumsiness of mice.”

“But up above something unexpected and wonderful was happening. A book had opened and a world of paper was being created along with a race of paper beings known as the Poppets.”

“Jack was delighted and surprised by the many magical things he found in this new world, including a small paper train which took passengers between worlds despite traveling only in a circle, people from other stories and lands seemed to visit this strange new world, though some were friendlier than others.”

“The Poppets were kind but frail just like their world, and Jack did his best to assist and preserve it. But it was the Mouse that often stood up to the dangers that came though he was no larger than any other mouse once upon a time.

When the Mouse first entered Poppetsborough even he had no idea how he had come to create a world just by sneezing. His curiosity and need to know is what drove him to discover the secrets of Poppetsborough. It was he who greeted the Poppets and befriended them slowly one by one, from the paper cats to the dogs and paper people. It was he who first discovered the Wells of Knowledge that have since been well hidden because the Wells are the source of Poppetsborough’s magic.

And that is what began the Mouse on his first Journey to being a Guardian. He became the protector of the Well from a force that arrived on the magical paper train. It was wicked and wanted to steal the magic of the Wells. It was the mouse that managed to outwit his foe though it was tiny and afraid. What evil he triumphed over is unknown even to the Elemental Guardians for we were not there when the threat made its move.”

“But that is how the Mouse Guardian began, he was not always large nor was he a warrior. The Magic of Poppetsborough allowed that over time as he slowly grew into his role after he outwitted a Giant and made it fall far below where it sank and made a sea as well as many other threats.”

“It was doing this that lead him to be revered by the Mouse Guardians that arrived, for Jack had other unexpected allies. The Elemental Guardians of the Fairelands whom would visit him often soon brought children to defend this world of imagination and wonder. It was these children that took up the cause of protecting Poppetsborough long after The Mouse guardian disappeared.”

“Unfortunately now the world of Poppetsborugh is being torn apart by the holes and tears of nothingness. So it is the duty of the Guardians of Earth, Air, and Mouse to gather allies to stop this from continuing.”

-Strifeclaw Guardian of the Earth Stone

“How Tepic met the Great Mouse”

“As yer can see.. by my magnificent tail, though course the tails mice have ain’t bad, just not quite so… well… magnificent… I is a fox by nature, not usually best mates with mice…but i was wanderin about an found meself in a place with words all over the walls, the streets an the roofs….

“They were fierce lookin, an closed in, as if they thought I were gonna bust up the place….. it looked bad fer me, after all, the odds were bout twenty ter one, an i were sure ter get pasted….i took me stand, back to the spine of a book of heroic tales… prepared to sell me life dearly.

“Then the folk in front of me parted, to leave space for the biggest mouse I had ever seen to come forward…..well, it looked grimmer still, the furry fiend in front of me, an i can tell yer now, though i tried ter keep me teeth from chatterin, me legs were turnin ter jelly!”

“But then, when I thought me last minute had come, the mouse smiles at me an says “Welcome to Poppetsborough, brave cub, will you join the Guardians of this world?”

“Now it was cus I stood up an were ready ter go down fightin that the mouse saw me worth, an invited me ter join the Guardians, bringin with me the cunning of the fox ter the bravery of the other Guardians!

“So yep, I agreed, an the lesson of me story is, stand up fer yerself, an things will work out……. though it’s usually best ter have a big gang of friends ter back yer up!”

-Tepic Harlequin Fox boy/Mouse Guardian

“Bubble warmth of Poppetsborough”

“Not long after Poppetsborough was sneezed out of the book the people noticed that the weather was changing. In between the book covers they were nice and snug but out here, breezes began to blow.

“For the first time in their lives, they felt cold. They wanted to be warm, but a fire would be a disaster they tried making a stove using dust for smoke so it would look warm but it made everyone sneeze.

“One of the smaller Poppets was playing with a bubble pipe and they got an idea that since the wind blew so much, they put up a pinwheel and it turned round and round. and they put lots of bubble makers on it. Now when the wind turns, bubble-smoke rises up the chimney it looks like a nice warm fire and keeps the Poppets warm.”

-Taylor Muggins Mouse Gaurdian

“The Great Mouse and the Wicked Bard King”

“Once upon a time the great mouse was on a quest to find the great cheese cave of keith, but as he walked through the forest of delightful springs, suddenly a he was tangled up in a ball of string. And as he dangled there up walked a ragged man with a pointy hat.

“Who has dared to tangle me?” asked the mouse.

“I am the Bard of Bards,” said the Bard King, “And I have captured you for you are the great mouse.”

“But what does a bard need of a mouse?” asked the great mouse. “I have nothign of worth to a Bard.”

“Oh but you do,” said the Bard of Brads for a bard is a man who strolls the lands collecting tales to tell and sometimes they play music to help liven their stories. “I know of you, oh great mouse, I have heard many a tale of your adventures and I have come to collect all of them and seal them within my WORD HORDE.

“Why is that so important to you?” asked the mouse, “For they are simply tales?”

“My dear mouse,” replied the Bard of Bards with a wicked patronizing grin. “Do you know nothing of bards and the power we have?”

“No,” said the mouse

“Everyone goes through their lives leaving behind stories,” said the Bard King. “But only those collected by us bards are remembered and told over and over again without the word hordes, nothing is remembered, and those who have the bigger horde has the most power.”

The Bard of Bards continued, “I have taken many other bards word hordes and gathered them together in my own, and now I will add your tales to mine to be the biggest of all word hordes.”

“I see,” replied the great mouse, “but you cant just take my word horde.”

“Why not?” asked the Bard of Bards.

“Because the tale of the Great Mouse who contested with the Bard of Bards would not be a good story if there was no contest.”

“You are indeed a wise mouse,” laughed the bard of bards. “For it is true, I can not take your word horde from you until I have defeated you in a bardic duel.”

“Alright,” says the mouse, “how does one win in a bardic duel?”

The Bard moved to untangle the great mouse from the ball of string before he removed his hat which had small holes in it and explained to the mouse. “In my hat are some objects, we must each pull from it and what ever comes out you must tell a tale. The words will know who has won.”

The mouse agreed with an innocent twitch of the nose.

“You may go first” says the Bard of Bards holding the hat down for the mouse to reach into it.

“So the mouse reached into the hat and rummages about then finally withdraws his little mouse paw to reveal…a leaf.

“There you go,” says the Bard, “Now tell a story.”

There was a short pause before the mouse began, “Once upon a time there was a warrior who served a great king, and the king had a beautiful queen. But the queen loved the young warrior and they got caught and taken to the king.

“The king was angry. He felt betrayed and he was about to kill them both when a magical fae took pity on the warrior and queens love. She appeared and said “By the spirits of the tree give these two a chance, give them a choice.”

The king bade the fae to continue, “Choose to let them die at your hands or offer them to only spend time together when the leaves are green.”

The King laughed and agreed because he lived in the North and it always snowed. The King turned to his captives, “I will let the warrior choose, death or only to be with my queen when the leaves are green.”

As the warrior was about to decide death for he could not ever consider sharing his love, he looked down to see a holly leaf.

“I choose to be with her when the leaves are green.”

“GRANTED,” said the woodland spirit.

“Ha, come with me, said the king to the queen, but she refused.

“For you said I can be with him all year since there are always green leaves somewhere in this world.”

And so the warrior got to be with the Queen forever after and the king felt his foolishness till the end of his days.

“Sorry about my pauses,” said the great mouse, for he had made up most of the story as he went and had paused many times.

“That was quite some tale, said the Bard King, “But now it is my turn and I know hundreds of better tales for everything in my hat.”

“But as the Bard reached into the hat, unknown to him the mouse stuck his tail through one of the small holes in the bottom of the hat.

The Bard grabbed and pulled out out the tip of the Great Mouse’s tail.

“Oh wow,” said the great mouse, “are you going to tell a tale about my tail?”

The Bard King was speechless. The Bard had heard tales of the great mouse, but none so far had he learned that were about the Mouse’s tail.

“Whats the matter?” asked the Mouse, “Dont you know any tales about my tail?”

“If I did I would not be trying to obtain your word horde now would I!?” barked the Bard of Bards in frustration.

“Ok, I am waiting as you did for me,” said the mouse.

“But I don’t know anything about your tail.”

“Make it up,” giggles the mouse.

The Bard of Bards tried but all he could do was describe the tail in front of him, that it was thin and pink and a Mouse’s tail.

“Is that it?” asked the mouse in surprise.

The Bard king cursed at the Mouse, but it was clear he had lost the contest and his words had no power over the Mouse now.

“I guess I win the duel, now begone you mean old Bard and never come back. It’s one thing to know and memorize every story, but if you cant use your imagination to make your own then you can never beat a mouse with a tail.”

The Bard King retreated before the Great Mouse, who then continued his journey.

– Loki Eliot Mouse Guardian

“The Tears of Poppetsborough”

I think it is time for one last tale. It is a very important tale. Once upon a time there was a gathering of Mouse Guardians and their allies. And terrible holes began to form in their own home while they tried to celebrate the anniversary of their Hero.

It was then that they followed the clues to the riddle and Found the Well of Knowledge they sought, and called on their friends to join them the next day to fill it. Because they knew that it was only with the help of strangers that Poppetsborough could be saved.

The story was us and the time is now. Let us go search near the statue of Jack Dot’n’Comma.

“Loki followed Jimmy,” said Loki as he became a part of his own story. Soon all the children gathered and started writing their own story as they went.

“Here he is, said Myrtil,” Myrtil proclaimed.

“Yes,” said the Guardian of the Earth. “And here is the statue of Jack. The riddle said to search the sands near Jack”

So the children searched and the Well of Inspiration was found and raised out of the sand once again. Though more holes appeared there was now hope, but the Elemental Guardian warned that they would need everyone gathered again tomorrow to fill the Well once again.

The Guardians dispersed to spread the story and let everyone know that they were welcome to come be part of that story, the story to save Poppetsborough from destruction.

– Strifeclaw Guardian of the Earth Stone


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