More about the Weasels

The Rickety Weasels are returning to the fair in the magical papertown of Poppetsborough, stationed inside of a train station near a magical train. Together with two of the Guardians of the Elemental Stones and the Poppets themaselves, the Weasels watch over Poppetsborough as once did their hero the mouse who created Poppestborough with a sneeze. They are gathering now for the Anniversary of the Mouse and are on the look out for danger to this frail realm.

Rickety Weasels
Rickety Weasels

The Weasels visit the paper world from time to time with their spiritual guardians: Avariel of Air and Strifeclaw of Earth. The children heard about the paper world and tales of the ‘mouse hero’ who created it and wanted to emulate the heroic wonderful mouse. They all wear mouse ears as a testament of their care for the Mouse Guardian. The Anniversary of the Mouse is April 26th and it is why so many of them are there at the moment. They are certain that nothing will escape their constant vigilance.

Rickety Weasels Roleplay at Fantasy Faire 2015

The Rickety Weasels roleplay will be starting with the Faire on April 23rd 2015, and will progress over ten days until May 3rd with everyday free-form roleplay as well as several scheduled events and a grand finale on Sunday May 3rd.

The rest of the time, they will still be present, welcoming you to their home in Poppetsborough or wandering around the whole of the Fairelands.

Feel welcome to interact with them!

Look for the group tags “Rickety Weasel”, “Mouse Watcher” or “Elemental Guardian”

The timeline page will be updated daily with news and pictures of the roleplay. Also don’t forget to listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio for announcements and news reports!



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