Pratchett Day

Pratchett Day Poster for Fantasy Faire 2015
Pratchett Day Poster for Fantasy Faire 2015

April 28th would have been the 67th birthday of the much loved fantasy writer Terry Pratchett. We’ve decided to show our appreciation of this very courageous man and his work with Terry Pratchett Day of Tuesday, April 28th.

Throughout the day we’ll be sharing special black fedoras, the characteristic Pratchett fashion accessory.

And we’re hoping to see visitors to the Fairelands today adopting the costume and perhaps the personas of some of their favourite Pratchett characters.

(Actually, that could be rather scary – ed.)

There will be a number of Pratchett themed events at the Literary Festival in Sylvan of Spells:

10am – 11am
Share your favourite Pratchett extract!
Moderated by Judi Newall
Bring your favourite quotes or longer extracts to share with other Pratchett friends – and join in our discussion. Free Fedora hats

12 noon – 1pm
Who is your favorite Terry Pratchett character?
Moderated by Judi Newall
Come and talk about your favourite Pratchett character – Vetinari or Granny Weatherwax? Samuel Vimes or Nanny Ogg? Susan or Death? Or do you love a character who appeared in just one novel? Free Fedora hats

2pm – 3pm
What is your favourite Terry Pratchett novel?
Moderated by Judi Newall
A discussion for Terry Pratchett fans. Which is your favourite novel, and why? Come along and share your favourites! Free Fedora hats

And there are Pratchett events on other days too:

Wednesday, 29th April
10am – 11am

Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man Live Reading
Read by Caledonia Skytower and Dubhna Rhiadra
Caledonia Skytower and Dubhna Rhiadra in a duet presentation of selected passages from Terry Pratchett’s 1991 REAPER MAN, the 11th book in the Discworld series.
The Auditors of Reality are beings who watch the Discworld to ensure everything obeys The Rules. As Death starts developing a personality the Auditors feel that he does not perform his Duty in the right way. They send him to live like everyone else. Assuming the name “Bill Door”, he works as a farm hand for the elderly Miss Flitworth.  Find out what happens when a New Death appears, one with a crown and without any humanity or human face, and it goes to take on Bill Door.
Presented live in voice.

Thursday, 30th April

Good Omens discussion with Aoife Lorefield
Aoife Lorefield leads a discussion on Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s book ‘Good Omens’ as a tribute to the late renowned and much-loved fantasy writer.



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