The Book of the Champions

The Book of the Champions
The Book of the Champions

This is the Book of the Champions of the Princess Flora.

When the Princess was a child, the Bard Queen gathered the ten champions from across the Fairelands to be Flora’s teachers, champions, and companions.

Each was chosen for their gifts and abilities. Over the years, they taught her, mentored her, and loved her.

Princess Flora
Princess Flora

But they could not save her from the Unweaver.

Stolen by his proxy, Ayaz Ata, the Winter King, she vanished from the Fairelands and became forgotten in the minds of human and fae.

The Champions rode out to find her and to bring her back, but one by one they were lost.

Your task, brave hunter, is to find the Champions. They are scattered throughout the Fairelands. Take what path you will, but find them all. Hear their memories of the Princess so that she might be restored to memory and returned to the Fairelands.

Learn what we know of the Champions in these pages.

The Champions
The Champions

Message from the Hunt: The descriptions of the Champions may include useful information. Use this to help you find each of the Champions. You can do this in any order you like.

Ala, the Priestess
Duban, the Doctor
Britomart, the Warrior
Sun Wukong, the Rogue
Arduinna, the Ranger
Gassire, the Musician
Muromi, the Water Spirit
Perkūnas, the Poet of Strength
Razia, the Artist Archer
Bisclavret, the Animal spirit


You can also read this page as part of an online book here.


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