The Fairelands Hunt: The Lost Land


At the heart of the Fairelands, there is a road less taken that leads to a forgotten land, lost in Winter. A bridge reaches across the Sea of Mists to the island beyond. For thousands of years, it has been abandoned, slipping from the memory of mortal and fae. Only a few ruins remain of what once must have been a great and noble dwelling. Who lived there long ago? Even their names are hidden in legend and story.

But there is someone who knows all the secrets of the Fairelands, and that is the Bard Queen. Sometimes, as she paces the paths of the Junction, speaking warmly with her subjects and visitors, smiling at their tales, comforting their losses … Just sometimes she will pause, and she will turn and gaze towards the forgotten land … and her eyes are filled with a sense of loss that lies too deep for words.

Until now.

Seek out the Bard Queen where she draws the Fairelands together, for she has a tale to tell you and a quest to give the brave, the bold and the wise.

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