Blogger Challenge: Why I Relay

This challenge is for those who do have a personal reason to support Relay For Life events and who would like to share it. Obviously if you don’t have any personal tie to the charity or if you’d like to keep your reasons private, there is no need to do this. But those who would like to speak out for the charity, for RFL and for their reasons, they are invited to do so. 

The challenge is open for anyone to do: official blogger or not. You don’t even have to be a blogger at all if you want to do these, there’s Flickr pool you can share the challenges in as well.

Please post a link to your challenge post or flickr picture in the comments!


37 thoughts on “Blogger Challenge: Why I Relay”

  1. I have created a series of posts featuring each of the sims from fantasy faire. Weaving a tale of adventure as my character meets a series of fantasy folk on their quest. I have posted my last in this series today and am now adding my blogger challenge related posts. But feel free to read any and all of my Fantasy Faire posts, they have been a lot of fun.
    Now onto why I relay:


  2. The comments and posts before this one are from the Fantasy Faire 2014, leaving this as a marker in between of the comments.


  3. This year one of the challenges is the phenomenal question of Why Do You Relay! I’m super excited to see this and can’t wait to see what amazing designs, outfits, and looks are created for this year’s Fantasy Faire!

    This past month, Fashion 4 Life jumped in and all of the Miss SL candidates offered their most couture looks incorporated into the reasons why they relay. I’m going to issue a challenge! I wanna see Fantasy Faire blow them out of the water with amazing looks, outfits, and designs as you show why you relay for life. Let’s see what you can do to showcase just how amazing, imaginative, vivid, and colorful Second Life can be!

    To get your portrait done for the Why Do You Relay series, please contact me and I’ll be happy to set up an appointment. The pictures are absolutely free and you get full perm copies that you can use in profiles, blogs, posts, or wherever you want.

    Yay Fantasy Faire and Relay for Life!!


  4. I have written so many Why I Relay statement over the last 4 years since Relay changed my life, from the basic for my dad who is a 23 year (and counting!) colon cancer survivor, to many other that are celebrating their all clean moment, to the host of family and friends that weren’t so fortunate.

    They say the worst phrase ever spoken is “You have cancer” and I say that is only distant second. The number one phrase ever spoken is “There is nothing more we can do.”

    If you want to know Why I Relay, just look into the eye of someone with cancer, or a parent who’s child has cancer, you will see my why, looking back at you!

    This is Why I Relay!


  5. Why I relay – A small excerpt from a post I submitted yesterday. This year, things are particularly personal for me and I really wanted to thank you all for everything you do <3.
    There is only a few days left for the FANTASY FAIRE in SL, and this is one of the most important fund-raising events that I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being involved in. Unfortunately, all of us, in one way or another have been affected by this awful and devastating disease known as Cancer. If you are unaware of the reason behind the FANTASY FAIRE, it is to help raise funds to donate to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY. In the past few years, the organizers of the FANTASY FAIRE have done amazing work for this cause. It completely humbles me to see all of the effort that so many put fourth in making this event possible. I want to thank each & every single one of you, whether you are creator, event organizer, or customer, in some way, you’ve helped, you’ve supported, encouraged, and brought hope to so many, that words can never express the gratitude for myself & so many others. I’ve mentioned this one other time since starting to blog for the FANTASY FAIRE this year, and that is that this particular year is especially personal for me, as just a month ago, my Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. And although, we, as a family are just in the initial stages of diagnoses and treatment, it’s invaluable that so many share their stories, their strengths, and their experiences, and we are eternally grateful for all of you. Thank you ❤


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