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The Avilion Merballet Co FF 2017 Performance Invitation

The Guardians_Acknowledgements

The Guardians by The Avilion Merballet Company at Fantasy Faire 

  • Saturday April 22nd @ 3pm
  • Saturday April 29th @ 1pm

Avilion is a medieval fantasy community, home to dragon and drow, elven, land dwellers and winged fae, creatures of every kind and of course the merrow.

In addition to combat and role-play, Avilionians entertain their citizens with regular performances from  the Avilion Merballet Company, Avilion Cameo Theatre and the Bards.

For 8 years the merballet has showcased the beauty and agility of the mer form more than 10 unique performances.  Combining mer mystic and magic, we have made waves entertaining with this visually inspiring SL artform.

The Avilion MerBallet Company also performs to benefit Fantasy Faire, Relay for Life in Second Life and other charities.

Share this dream with us! 

For information contact inworld: Creative Director Theta Marseille.

Visit Avilion (Modest medieval dresscode applies):

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire Poster GV 22

ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life & Love at Fantasy Faire

  • Saturday 22th April 12 PM SLT
  • Saturday 29th April 11 PM SLT

With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world.

We like to offer you a most amazing circus, acrobatic fireshow… with rotating trapezes, High wire, rolling dance balls, walking elephant, reality fire juggling and much more all spiced and designed with special effects and performed to music from real musicians.

The ChangHigh Sisters has performed over 250 live performance the last 10 years. We support many world events and fundraisings of many different kinds as well as performing at cultural, historic or local events as paid artists.

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire


Fantasy Girls by La Coquette Cabaret at Fantasy Faire 

  • Wednesday April 26th @ 6pm

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire



The Sacred Treasure of Elven by Club IMAGE at Fantasy Faire:

  • Saturday April 22nd @ 7am
  • Saturday April 22nd @ 4pm
  • Sunday April 23rd @ 7am

Visit Club IMAGE’s Blog

We have shows on Sundays @7 am SLT

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire


__Lady Garden Cabaret__.. Fantasy Faire 2017

Dreams & Nightmares by ..::Lady Garden Cabaret::.. at Fantasy Faire:

  • Friday April 21st @ 1pm

..::Come take a bite…….you might like it..::..

High class cabaret show house:
shows every last friday of the month @3pm slt

Check in with our Blog and Flickr links to keep updated!

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire


The Luxe Girls at Fantasy Faire:

  • Sunday April 23rd @ 4 PM SLT

For over two years, the incredibly talented and creative Luxe Girls have graced the stage of the The Luxe Theater—-the Burlesque headquarters of Elysion, and home to the Luxe Girl dance troupe.  

Performing once a month for the group members of Elysion. The show attendees experience total visual, and aural immersion, of these talented performance artists.

Slurl:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Les%20Reves/212/189/35

Elysion – is an adult 18+ only community that caters to your sensual and artistic side in Second Life.  Enjoy an array of events, a picturesque adult private sim, and socializing with your fellow members. Visit Elysion and find inspiration for your art and photography in the lovely surroundings.

Elysion Flickr & Slurl.

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire

mahal pic for fantasy faire

Music Magic by MaHal at Fantasy Faire:

  • Saturday April 29th @ 7am

We are MaHal from Japan. This is our 116th show. Last year we enjoyed the Faire very much. We will perform 12 styles of dances to 12 tunes all over the world in one-hour show.

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire

Misfit Dance & Performance Art logo

Misfit Magic by Misfit Dance & Performance Art at Fantasy Faire:

  • Friday April 21st @ 5pm
  • Saturday April 26th @ 6pm
  • Sunday april 23rd @ 6pm
  • Tuesday April 25th @ 5pm
  • Thursday April 27th @ 7pm
  • Friday April 28th @ 5pm
  • Saturday April 29th @ 5pm

Misfit Dance & Performance Art & The Misfit Forest Theater present: “Misfit Follies  ~  a Showcase of Theater Dance Art”. Showtime at our theater – Every other Wednesday 7 pm SL! Pre-show “Broadway Tunes” music starts at 6:30 pm SL: Each show is a new experience full of surprises! Once per month on certain Fridays at 10 AM SL for our global time zones friends.

We are so proud to present full production shows each week for our amazing audience of dance art patrons. With over 45 (and growing!) story dance art pieces to build our weekly shows with… You never know what you are going to get!  Dancing Giraffe?   …Twirling Mice? …  King Kong ??   … Come join the fun! We will usually include a 30 minutes set of choreographed Group Dancing with the audience after our shows  –  serious fun!

Misfit Dance & Performance Art. Prepare to be delighted!
Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information.

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire

Monarchs LOGO

Draco Aeternum by The Monarchs at Fantasy Faire:

  • Fri. 21st 3pm
  • Mon. 24th 5pm
  • Tue. 25th 7pm
  • Wed. 26th 8pm
  • Thur. 27th 5pm

The Monarchs is a performance dance troupe in Second Life. Though small in size you will find plenty of experience as we take the stage!

Our goal is to present shows of the highest quality across the grid, setting new standards and pushing the bar!

Founded in 2016 The Monarchs have presented such shows as Adventures from Lost Island at The Fantasy Faire 2016. As well as the full sim productions: STAR WARS: Untold Stories, Imagine Too! and Dead men’s tale. This year we are expending and soon we’ll open the doors to our very own theater!

We are a non-profit, high-smiles, crazy laughter kind of “organization”. Our productions are done to showcase what Second Life can offer with a little creativity and a lot of hard work and, well, because we like it! Hopefully you will too! Visit The Monarchs Flickr

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire

New Logo The Night Theater

Fauns Fable Cast

The Fauns Fable by ~*The Night Theater*~ at Fantasy Faire: 

  • Friday April 21st @ 11 AM
  • Sunday April 23rd @ 9 AM SLT
  • Tuesday April 25th @ 1 PM SLT
  • Friday April 28th @ 1 PM SLT

A dance troup that will bring you the magic possible only in SL.

…..Come Play……

We have been involved in various projects as RLF, The Dance Queens Dance Galaxy, The Scifi Con with Milkyway Cabaret 2015+2016,  Fantasy Faire 2015+2016 and soon 2017,  SL B12+SL B13 and One Billion Rising and a special christmas show for Angel Manor the winter of 2016. We have also guested LEA in the fall of 2015 and early spring 2016 where we held The Festival of the Wicked for halloween 2015 among other things.

For more details, and videos, check our blog or Flickr.

I love every aspect of creating acts, choreography, set building, costuming and never seem to run out of inspiration. There is just too little time to get it all done!

If you want to see a fun show or take part in one, or just come explore the theater, dont hesitate to contact Aelva and I will show you the way….

Our theater can be found here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tethers%20End/149/195/43

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire


Visualive Theatre Re:ON at Fantasy Faire:

  • Friday April 28th @10pm – Midnight

Established in 2015, we irregularly hold a dance show.

We often participate in an event’s dance show, such as Japonica.

To check our schedule, please see the website: Blogspot | Google+

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire


BHA posterFF

Shadows Black Hat Academy by The Shadows Silhouette Dancers at Fantasy Faire:

  • Saturday April 22nd @ 9am
  • Saturday April 29th @ 9am

The Silhouettes are storming the metaverse!!

Winners of the Best New Group award for 2012 at the Dance Queens Dance Awards, the Silhouettes have been storming the metaverse since February of 2012 with their debut of Steamdolls. Our shows are unlike any others….sassy, fun storylines, a bit sexy and VERY entertaining.



The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire

Sky Fire Logo

Sky Fire Fantasy Faire Poster 2017 revised time 4-30-17.png

Hearts On Fire by Sky Fire at Fantasy Faire:

  • Sunday April 23rd @ 11am
  • Sunday April 30th @ 1pm

SKY FIRE is celebrating its 4th anniversary of the collaboration between Lexi Marshdevil and Particle Tom. This performance of “HEARTS ON FIRE” revisits particle shows from the past.

SKY FIRE has come to be known for its large scale kinetic particle collages as well as the intimate dynamics between these two HEARTS ON FIRE.

As part of our celebration we have mounted a Gallery-In-A-Book collection that will be given away free to those who attend the performance or who come to the Surreal Tower Art Gallery where our exhibition will run until June 8, 2017. The Gallery-In-A-Book celebrates the passing of time and captures moments not always shared in public performances.  

Visit SKY FIRE Flickr | Facebook | Slurl 

The List of Performers at Fantasy Faire

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