“Hey Nonny Nonny” – now it can be told!

The “Hey Nonny Nonny” song is now on YouTube for you all to enjoy. There’s a link to the Fantasy Faire site from the video.

Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to edit the footage we have of Much Ado into a series of videos for our new YouTube Channel – so keep checking!

What people may not know is that the song wasn’t originally part of the planned performance. That it exists at all is all thanks to the amazingly talented Zander Greene.

While we were working on the script, Zander and I had discussed including the song, but then dropped it in favour of keeping the script as tight as possible.

Then, as we were in the middle of working on the final audio tracks and the choreography, one morning I logged in to Skype to get an urgent IM from Zander. I was surprised, because it must have been 4 or 5 am his time.

“I’ve got something I want you to hear,” he said. “I’ve been working on this all night. It’s a new ending for the play.”

And he played me The Song.

The whole creation is Zander’s – he worked out how to take the voices up in pitch so that the whole thing worked; it was quite a complex mathematical task. And Zander added the comments and the whole glorious rap section.

By the end I was crying with laughter, and went off to tell the choreographers that we had a new ending for the play. Shadow Tarber, who choreographed the final scene, added a tiny dance (which all the cast join in with) and we have the the brilliant sequence you can see in the video.

We have a really beautiful ad for Much Ado About Nothing; it consists of clips from the play, guaranteed to build up excitement and anticipation. But you may not remember having heard it …

Before the Faire started, I asked Zander to extract the song from the overall soundtrack so it would be played as a single. And it was played in that form for the very first time at the Start Up party for merchants and performers, before the Faire opened.

When Zander as DJ was promptly hit with a deluge of requests to play it again, we knew we had a hit on our hands.



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