Blogger Applications Open!

It is less than a month to the return of the Fairelands. Their magic is growing stronger by the day, nourished by the spring sun and inspired imaginations of the world-builders.

This is always the time when we call out to the magic-makers of illustrating kind, the word-weavers, image-capturers, heralds of information.

Do you want to shape your visit, your experiences in the Fairelands into pictures and words to be shared with the rest of the world? Do you want to forward and spread the call, alert people of how fleeting the eleven days of magic are, tell them how much there is to see, feel, live?

Do you want to be one of Fantasy Faire’s official bloggers?

If so, please read the Blogger Information here. You will find the link to the Blogger Application in the end.


3 thoughts on “Blogger Applications Open!”

  1. The Fantasy Faire has always been my favorite event of the SL year. The purpose, the goals, the creativity, the awe inspiring scenery, but mostly the people. I have blogged FF for several years as part of the team and I would be applying again, but for RL commitments.
    For most of April I will be taking care of my Dad who I will be taking to hospital daily for a month long radiation plan. If I get the opportunity I will do some of the blogger challenges .. wishing all Faire folk the very best !


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