By now the Fairelands are open and it is wonderful to sit somewhere and watch the visitors stroll by in awe and admiration of the gorgeous buildings and lands.
Fantasy Faire 2016 - Breeze - I

As by magic…the pictures I took and posted last week in my first blog for 2016 have now completely rezzed and they are visible to the human eye! Isn’t that mysterious?
I cannot explain it, it just happened and so I can show the same images again – in this post –  but this time you do not need to guess anymore or wonder why they seemed so pixelated – believe me, it all has to do with the pure magic of the Faire…!

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Sapphire Mirror Lake - III

If you haven’t been able to visit the Fairelands yet, but are curious, I have a short video for you, to make you want to login and come over!

Happy Faire everyone and see you on the Fairelands!



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