The Teachings of the Fairelands


I thought I said it all last year when I felt compelled to scribble this piece, but no. Fairelands always draw out thoughts from me, drifting in the air, dancing around, just waiting to be shaped in words.

I have learned many things in the Fairelands during the years. I have learned that miracles are possible. I have learned that on any worthwhile quest you need companions that you can rely on. I have learned that no one can do everything alone, that every great project and adventure needs the skills and the will of many working together, cooperating.

I have learned that defeating great evils and achieving great deeds is never just one moment in time, but always a long chain of events where every step is important, every encounter meaningful, every small decision and turn on the road weaving together the epic we see in the end.

Sometimes we wish we could retrace the steps, choose left instead of right, take a shortcut, do things differently. This is where and when we learn for the future: in quests, in the Faire, in life. Every year things go better and flow smoother because we choose to learn from the last time. Regret in life is an important emotion, but only if it acts as a teacher for the future. It is not a punishment, it is not a land of sadness to dwell in, it is a guide to do better the next time.

Fairelands grew to unforeseen size this year. It grew and it bloomed. I believe it is because its gardeners and caretakers love it so, the enchanted lands that return to us every year to remind us of the importance of beauty, magic and hope. To remind us that life is always now and here and we should embrace it before it fades away. The short time the Fairelands stay close enough to our realm to visit has always been the perfect metaphor of life for me. Full of magic and beauty and always too short. There’s always things we would have wanted to do still, sights we didn’t get to see, people we didn’t have the time to properly hang out with. This is why every moment is precious.

This year the caretakers of Fairelands have had more volunteers and helpers than ever before: people approaching us, eager to help with the daunting task that returning the Fairelands always is. We have also heard loving words and sentiments about what the Fairelands mean to its visitors. Every message has brought smiles and happiness with it, every helper has made the cherished task easier, the magic flow smoother. This year the Fairelands have been full of love, respect and appreciation.

I wish to relay the happiness and gratitude the whole Fairelands caretaker team feels toward everyone who helped to bring the magic back and offer our sincerest thanks to every visitor who came to join the enchantment. All of you are a part of the Fairelands, all of you make the continent alive.

The magic that anchors the Fairelands to our realm will fade within today, by our estimation. The exact time is a mystery even to us and in the hands of the higher realm called Linden Lab.

Until then, feel free to still walk on the paths, swim in the seas and rest under a cherry tree. Breathe in the magic and let it guide you the rest of the year, let its teachings remind you that every moment should be appreciated, embraced and fully, truly lived.

Thank you.

– Sonya Marmurek
The Blogger Wrangler, Site Scribbler and the Resident Faire Bunny


One thought on “The Teachings of the Fairelands”

  1. Beautiful and so poignant. Grand wisdom. A sweet gift to take home after such a grand and glorious feast. ‘Thank you’…seems too small a token to express appreciation…fairy hugs…unicorn kisses….wing flutters and the swishing of many mer tails in gratitude!! ♥♥♥ 😀


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