Daily Recap: Sunday

FF2015 - Events and Entertainment - FaireChild_002
The FaireChylde in Wildehaven Marsh – Picture by Wildstar Beaumont

Sunday, our last day, was bittersweet. It always is. Everyone wants the Fairelands to stay just a little bit longer, no one wants the fun to end, but the feel of completion as the Live Auction closes is profound. It was done, and it was good. So very good.

In the Literary Festival — one of the new events within the Faire and judging by how well it went and how popular and beloved it became — definitely a returning one, we had one last session. Saffia Widdershins discussed stories within stories, speaking of the narrative of our Lost Land hunt. Such a perfect way to wrap these discussions.

The roleplay groups have also concluded their storylines: NeoVictorians have safely traveled home, the Trial of Lut challenged the Sanctuary RP Community with a surprise ending and yesterday The Rickety Weasels finally managed to save Poppetsborough after freeing the Paper Wizard and returning light to the beloved popup book world.

The dance and particle performances had their last encores. They have been a new addition to the Faire as well and judging how incredibly popular they have been, I dare say we will see them again. Poseidon’s Abyss hosted Shining Starlettes, “Fantasme” by The Night Theater and “RFL Butterfly Strong” and ColeMarie Soleil returned to one more original music and particle show in Ichi-go Ichi-e.

In a rush to catch all the criminals before the Fairelands fade, the Tiny Sheriffs had two jail & bails.

J&B Clover & Dru
Infamous Litterbug Tinies: Clover Dezno & Druscilla Ferraris

Seems Clover Dezno and Druscilla Ferraris never learn their lesson! Every year these infamous tinies get arrested and thrown into prison by their fellow tinies. This time the accusation was most dire: littering our beloved Fairelands with toona cans. The perfectly legit and not-at-all-photoshopped evidence also showed them racketeering, money laundering, tampering with evidence and applying sporks to dolphins!

J&B Clover & Dru Evidence
Completely legit and truthful evidence.

Despite such a clear-cut case the Faire Folk decided to bail them out and set the tinies free for the amazing bail of 141,250 lindens! Guess we can clean up a few toona cans with that money. I just hope that by the next year they haven’t come up with something even worse!

The officers of the Pawlice had to rush to Spires of Andolys to deal with the dangerous Dwarfin criminals right after. You would have thought that after last year they had learned their lesson, but no! Perhaps Commander Xavian Starsider’s one and only apology ever to Judy Chestnut last year gave them an idea of being above the Long Paw of Law. Coming from Dwarfin stature this is only somewhat correct! With the bail and release of the Dwarfins the Pawlice Officers went to spend their well-earned bribes legally acquired money to upkeep the Faireland Justice by buying extra waffles.

One of the very oldest and most amazing traditions within the Faire is the Live Auction where we sell off parts of the Fairelands for the Faire Folk to take home. After living in the Fairelands for eleven days, everyone wishes to keep at least one piece of their magic for the rest of the year. As always, bidding wars got almost out of hand and in the end earned 722,500 lindens straight into RFL kiosk on the stage. The highest seller was the Spires of Andolys build, which went for the jawdropping amount of 370,000 lindens.

Today there is no more events or schedule. However, we are keeping the portals open to the Fairelands right to that last moment when the magic fades and they vanish from right under our eyes. The enchantment keeping them connected to our world is increasingly unstable at this point and there is no knowing when the moment will come, but we are guessing they might still be within reach for a few days.

Fantasy Faire would like to thank you all for sharing our love for the Fairelands, for joining us these enchanted eleven days, and in doing so, relaying for life. We hope to see all of you next year when the Fairelands return in a new form once more, but for now there’s still a few stolen days left to shop, to hunt and to breathe in moments of magic!

Fantasy Faire has relayed L$ 7,586,125 ($ 30,345) by May 4rd, 1AM SLT. That’s right, over seven and half million lindens, resulting into over 30,000 US dollars! Thank you, Faire Folk. Thank you.

The Fantasy Faire 2015 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: AviewTV, -AZUL-, Boudoir, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Curious Kitties, Dandelion Daydreams Factory, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Death Row Designs, Dwarfins, Epic Toy Factory,  Fallen Gods Inc., The Forge, Fuubutsu Dou, Junbug, The Looking Glass, Lorin’s Sound Effects Shack, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, L’Uomo, Merchants of Dreams, The Muses, NeoVictoria, ORIONITE, OtherSkin, Plastik, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Spyralle, Stitched. and The White Armory.

FF2015 - Fairelands Junction_003
Fairelands Junction – Picture by Wildstar Beaumont



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