Of Apologies, High Hopes, and Wonderful RL Doctors

The Faire is over in a few hours, and I haven’t done yet one half… one half? One tenth of the things I originally planned to do there. Real Life has me in a grip, and – despite being born a free spirit – this time I must obey orders. The daily trips to the hospital, the treatments, my office hours and classes (…yes, I indeed work, and I’m very satisfied I still have the energy to take care of “my” med students!), the household chores run smooth, yet I usually feel so tired in the afternoons that I crash like an exhausted toddler. Bam, lights out, with my last blurry thoughts running around the various events at the Faire.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Sprite

Yuna, dear, I should have taken some pictures of your wonderful “Ursula” gown much earlier. Gar, my friend, I didn’t see you turned into a plushie dragon by an ebil, ebil witch… my immense loss, I know, but I just crashed and fainted in front of my PC. The amazing creators that sent me their goodies… I owe you big time, dozens of photographs and blog posts, in order to do you justice. The glorious Fairelands, the wide horizons and the minuscule details I could admire for a few minutes only, because I had to log out, claimed by reality. I shall not have the chance to spend hours and hours there, just hanging around, admiring the marvels sculpted in pixels.

Hey, I’m going to clear my debts next year, all right? I promise. Now I must rush, I’m to have an appointment with the handsomest oncologist in this wide world, committed to put me back in running order in the shortest time possible. He’s positive I’m going to be fine… so see you next year, y’all! Until then… cross your fingers and toes, and please, pretty please, wish me good luck!

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