Roleplay: The Tears of Poppetsborough Closed!

Well of Wisdom 2
Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley and the Elemental Guardian of Air, Avariel Falcon.

The Tears of Poppetsborough have been mended! All the ugly tears of emptiness that were about to destroy the magical popup book world have been closed, thanks to the Faire Folk helping the Rickety Weasels in their quest. All the four Wells of Knowledge have been filled with charity and kindness to the stunning sum of over 225,000 lindens relayed for life in the process.

Well of Wisdom 1
The Well of Wisdom and Beryl Strifeclaw, the Elemental Guardian of Earth.

Now that everything has ended well, surely the Rickety Weasels, their Elemental Guardians and the poppets can live happily ever after. Nothing else can possibly go wrong anymore. Right? …right?

Well of Wisdom 3
Faire Folk driving to the aid of the Weasels in a Lobster Bus.



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