Daily Recap: Friday

The FaireChylde by Wildstar Beaumont

Friday in the Fairelands was filled with more Pawlice Brutality and abuse of dinkie powers more criminals brought to justice by the Tiny Paw of Law as Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. was captured and entrapped by magic in Sanctum. This time the Tiny Sheriffs did not even bother setting a bail for The Flesh Carver, but did allow the Faire Folk to vote with their wallets into the RFL kiosks to determine whether Mr. Baroque would be heading to heaven or hell. Despite fervent demands for justice and accusations of corruption, in the end the linden votes for hell reached 66,666 and the dreadful transformation into some sort of hell penguin began. The forces of heaven reacted too late in reaching way over 70,000 lindens and the vote was cast: Alia Baroque was sent to hell, where he remained at least a good five minutes. …what? He’s sent to one of them every year, you really think the Pawlice would have caught up with him having a deal going on with both places already…  Surely the higher planes work in mysterious ways!

The Tiny Sheriffs continued their oppressive ways later on by unjustly imprisoning Judy Chestnut of Dwarfins, setting her to force labor aboard the FFR Flagship FaireChylde! The Dwarfins gathered en-masse to free poor Judy and collected an impressive bail of over 100,000 lindens to free her. In addition Xavian Starsider, the Chief Commander of the Tiny Pawlice, has promised to issue an official apology to Judy today at 6 PM SLT at the Dwarfins store in Hope’s Horizon! That’s right, folks. An apology from the Pawlice! You cannot miss this historical occasion! Lesson learned, Faire Folk: do not mess with the Dwarfins for they are both rich with gems and they rock.

We can also report that the NeoVictorians have managed to capture both Professor Timmons and his robot and a triumphant victory party was held yesterday in Asperatus. The citizens of the Fairelands may sigh of relief and sleep better at night.

Today there are news of two more imprisonments: Yuna Yuadl of AnkleBiter at 10AM-12PM in Sanctum and Jessica Lyon of The Phoenix Firestorm Project at 7-9 PM SLT in the courtyard of The Palace of Tears. Surely this rampant fining and capturing is too much by now, come riot and protest and bail them out! Seriously, who imprisons a petite fairy… such cruelty!

The parties with continuous stream of DJs continues to rock The FFR Flagship FaireChylde, still on top of Hope’s Horizon. Come party on the dragon-ship!

I would also like to point out that our Silent Auction ends today at 5 PM SLT, so you better make your way to the Fairelands Junction and make sure your bid is the winning one!

Speaking of bids, the Live Auction will take place on Sunday, May 11th at 4-6 PM SLT in The Palace of Tears. This is the occasion where people get truly crazy for perfectly understandable reasons. Or how would you like to go home with Hope’s Horizon, Wiggenstead Mooring or The Faery Court? In their entirety. Or possibly the wizard’d tower from the Palace of Tears hunt is more to your liking? That’s just a few of the things coming up for bidding on Sunday, you better be there!

We’re currently over 4,200,000 lindens relayed, Faire Folk: keep up the good work!

The Fantasy Faire 2014 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Creators of Fantasy, Curious Kitties, Dark Goddess Designs, Death Row Designs, Dwarfins, Epic, {Fae’d} Club, Fallen Gods Inc., The Looking Glass, L’Uomo, .Luminary., Neo Victoria, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Spyralle and Tiny Inc.

The FaireChylde at Hope's Horizon by Wildstar Beaumont


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