Hunt to be Bailed!

Palace of Tears_005 by Wildstar BeaumontSo, there’s been questions about when the hunt will begin. The answer is: it is completely up to you, Faire visitor!

Today at 4 PM SLT there will be an extremely special Jail and Bail event held in the dragon ship FaireChylde at Palace of Tears. The jailed entity is the Hunt itself! If the Faire Folk manage to pay the bail, the hunt will begin!

This is the first hunt of our two, Fimbleby’s Wager. The follow-up hunt, The Palace of Tears, will continue the story later on during the Faire. The bails of the Jail events are, as always, paid into RFL kiosks to relay.

Come join us in getting the hunt freed and going! DJ David Abbot will be DJing and the Tiny Paw of Law will be at the event to make sure the bail is paid in full and according to all the regulations of the Faire!



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