Faire Play

This year the Fairelands will be busier than ever with several roleplay groups having headquarters in the Fairelands with big plans and plots for the Faire duration.

We have the Asperatus sim sponsor NeoVictoria naturally in Asperatus, Rickety Weasels in Wiggenstead Mooring and the Pirates of the Trade Winds in Blackwater Glenn. All three groups will also be posting here about their roleplay and new plot twists and turns.

With additional roleplay communities such as Sanctuary RP Community sponsoring Fairelands Junction and Safe Waters Foundation sponsoring the event the visitor can expect to find roleplay all over the Fairelands, making it alive with characters, stories and life, just as it should be.

We have our beloved Fantasy Faire Radio in the air again to provide the perfect soundtrack for your visit and to inspire you to new adventures. You can soon tune in from the handy widget to the left!

This year there’ll also be a hunt as is traditional, but not just one hunt! No, this year we are going to have two! Read more here.

We also have the sim descriptions, lists of shops and lists of bloggers out, although there might still be changes. The Fairelands’ magic is sometimes chaotic: flamingos appear, breakfast trays fly, but coffee is always served well. Nothing is set in stone for the stones might be marshmallows the next day.

In addition to our roleplay group liaisons we’ve invited six writers from our bloggers to make posts to the site: Caitlin Tobias, Duchess Flux, Halfwraith Caerndow, Irina Strazytski, Wildstar Beaumont and Vylna Daviau. These posts will vary between roleplay and RFL with a healthy dose of event reporting.

There’s nine days to go before the portals open: time to get in character!


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