There Are Moments…


… when even the busiest little dragon must stop and be silent for a while. It’s so wonderful to flutter around in the Land of the Thousand Miracles, chat, laugh, joke and feel happy and carefree. Yet… there are candles in the sims, too; in tiny nooks or well in sight. I’m sure I preach to the choir, and I’m sure you’ll forgive me when I do so… but, when another crazy and funny and wonderful day of the Faire is over, and you’re ready to go to bed with a thousand new experiences whirring in your head, please light a real candle for a few minutes. Maybe you already have someone to remember. If you’re so young and lucky that you don’t have anyone yet… light a candle all the same. It will help us, everybody, to relay.

Thank you for being with us, Fantastic Folk.


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