Have you encountered the Questers for the Golden Prim at the Faire?

The Sheriffs’ Association issued a warning today that the notorious Steelhead Three had been sighted here in the Fairelands. Dr Ephemera Wirefly, Professor Andrew McMinn and Miss Hortensia Primm are wanted by the authorities in Steelhead City, and Sheriffs warn that any sightings should be reported to them immediately. They add that Fairelanders should not approach these individuals, as they are considered dangerous.

Have you heard about these dangerous fugitives on the loose at the Fantasy Faire? They are allegedly part of something called The Quest for the Golden Prim. Some say that it’s nothing more than an expedition for explorers; others hint at a dark conspiracy – a mysterious cabal whose tentacles reach through the Steamlands … and beyond.

At all events. there are several mysterious characters visiting the Faire with the words “Quest for the Golden Prim” or more simply the cryptic “QGP” in their titler.  If you speak to them, they’ll be happy to tell you more – and they’ll share their calling cards with you too. It’s said that they’re based at the Explorers’ Club on Lotus Valley Dream – where it is rumoured that this delightful establishment is harbouring secrets of its own (as well as the ONLY washroom in the whole of the Fairelands!).

But while all the Questers have seemed friendly and harmless, word has now reached us that three of there number were taken in for questioning about a gruesome murder in Steelhead.  They subsequently escaped … and having seemingly made their way here to the Faire – so watch out for them!

Will they be found? Will they be caught and brought to face justice? You can play your part by watching out for them – and cunningly questioning them … See how many Golden Prim trading cards you can collect – either from Questers you meet at the Faire, or from the Explorers’ Club.

The Explorers' Club (Oriental Branch)
The Explorers’ Club (Oriental Branch)

And you can find out more about The Quest for the Golden Prim webcomic here.




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