Meet Our Sponsors ~ Spyralle

Spyralle Thornweaver Wings - PurpleKerryth Tarantal, the creator behind Spyralle, is joining the Faire again with her beautiful fractal-based creations. Read on to find out about her most favourite Faire-memories and her reasons for participating in the Faire and Relay For Life.

What is your favorite fantasy book/movie/rock album. Feel free to elaborate on this and explain why. That is of course the most interesting part.

The Classic, of course! The Lord of the Rings. I’ve loved the book since I first discovered it and I’ve read it over and over again. I love the movies, too.  The idea that you could create a whole world out of your imagination, make it live – as Tolkien did – enchants me. Come to think of it, I love Second Life for exactly the same reason. Rock album? I’m a big fan of those “symphonic rock” albums of the 70s – Yes, Rick Wakeman, ELO, and of course, Pink Floyd, and my favorite, Mike Oldfield.

What is your most memorable Faire experience. This is the fifth Fantasy Faire and I know all of you have been to at least one of these before, some of you have been to all five! So share some of the highlights as you remember them.

That is an easy one. Last year I was thrown into the lockup in Shifting Sands and nearly drowned in sand – cruel! Cruel! – before my ransom was paid. My fellow vagabonds and desperados got my out, but I’ll never forget it. It was certainly the most fun I’ve ever had at a Fantasy Faire, and the most I’ve ever laughed.  The most amazing experience I’ve had at Fantasy Faire was last year after the Faire was closed to the public but still open to designers. I turned my viewer all the way up to the highest settings and a big draw distance and just wandered around for hours and hours taking pictures. It was awesome! My shop was on Shifting Sands but I had never seen the enormous tower pouring sand down. It was stunning. I don’t know how they’ll ever top those sims from last year, but I said that in 2011 too, and they did. I can’t wait to see!

Show us your RFL items for this year or at least give us some sneak peeks!

Spyralle Thornweaver Deluxe - Yellow

Spyralle Thornweaver Wings - Palest Pink

This year I’m working most intensely with two categories of fractals. The lace fractals have always been one of my mainstays, but now I have new images because I’ve been able to get Fractint, my earliest fractal software, to work again. And I’ve been revisiting the Mandelbrot set, using the triangle inequality average coloring algorithm, which makes a beautifully organic, alive, silky surface.

If you met someone who had never been to the Fantasy Faire before, what would you say to them?

I would say THIS is what Second Life is supposed to be! The enchantment of it! The artistry of the Faire is endlessly inspiring. If you want to see what new worlds people can build from the imagination, come to this event. And don’t just shop, LOOK! Look at everything. And listen and participate. It’s not simply because it is beautiful – but because it’s created by so many people, hundreds, all working together for this important cause and having so much fun doing it. I would also say, donate lots of lindens. I’m a cancer survivor, and I thank you.

All the extra stuff no one ever thinks to ask but you are burning to share. 

Burning? Hmmm, well, I do have a second favorite SL event, Burn 2, where I’ve worked out some large fantasy building ideas over the last four years. Some builds based on those experiments may find their way into my shop at Fantasy Faire this year, including at least one of my RFL donation items – if I get it finished in time. I love to build big stuff, more than I like making clothing, and it’s frustrating because between RL and my shop in SL there is so little time to learn what needs to be learned to keep up. Mesh, for instance. I think I need to take three months off and just learn to do it, but they’re not giving out a lot of paid leave at my workplace. In the meantime, I’ll keep pouring on the colors. I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I believe fractal textures can be used for in SL.

Thank you. It is an honor to be a part of this event.

Thank YOU, Kerryth. It is an honor to have you with us! Spyralle Thornweaver Wings - Dusk


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