Meet our Sim Sponsors ~ Booshies

Booshies are fantastic little creatures who live in a world called Booshtopia.
They are brand new breedables with some new possibilities, and they sponsor
the Siren’s Secret sim. Now is a good chance to ask some questions about these new critters before they hit the Grid.

1. There are many breedables available what is special about Booshies, besides being super cute?

We stand to offer the community more than just a creature to breed to find varieties and little treasures as they scavenge.  Booshies is more than just a single species; when we go into open beta we aim to have more than 20 species of Booshies that you can breed together to find combinations of species and special skins for each combination and basic species.   We will be constantly updating and adding new species and varieties for players to discover.  What’s more; the breeding of these little guys is but one facet of many.
Players will have the choice to participate in as many or as few parts of the game as they like.  There will be farming, crafting, exploring, battling and more.  We will be providing Second Life with an immersive world of sims to explore, dungeons to traverse, rich landscapes to interact with, monsters and wild booshies to battle, characters that you can influence how your interactions play out.  We aim to let the future Booshtopians help us write the story of Booshies as we go.  Booshtopia is a world.  Booshies are just the breedable creatures within that offer so much more.

2. How long did you need to create the story for the Booshies? What inspired you when writing it?

The current backstory was hashed out over a long period of time while we developed the basis for our game.  The Booshies that we are developing now are not what we first started out with!  We went through several incarnations of ‘Booshies’ before we came to agree on what we ultimately wanted to develop into the final product.
The characters in the game have been evolving rapidly over the past few months and we’re hardly done with them!  Quite the contrary; like the Booshies themselves, there will be more characters and plots for the players of Booshies to discover and play through just like there will always be more Booshies to find.
As for our inspiration, we’re young at heart and we remember being kids; what we enjoyed back then is just as enjoyable to us now.  Games like Viva Pinata, Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, Dragon Quest, Neopets, etc… all inspirational to us.  The creative director’s idol is Ken Sugimori and she lives in his shadow. 😉

3. There is a team behind Booshies how did you get to know each other?

The two leading devs on Booshies have known each other and worked together for quite some time on various projects.   One day a couple years ago, Noxet asked Seraphi’ia if she wanted to help him make a game.  She said “YES PLEASE!” and the rest is history. The rest of our staff has been met along the way or worked with one or the other of the creators since their humble beginnings in Second Life or, in some cases, long before.

4. What draws you to Fantasy/RP?

The creative atmosphere of course!  The lack of limitation, the non-existent ceiling on where your imagination can go – fantasy is freedom.

5. This is the first Fantasy Faire you take part in. How did you hear about it?

The only reason this is the first Fantasy Faire we’ve taken part in is because it’s the first Fantasy Faire we’ve been in a position where we could participate!  The creative director has participated in Fantasy Faire in past years as a vendor and loved every moment of it, as well as her family.  Having the opportunity to sponsor a sim is a privilege; one we hope to have again in the future.

6. How did you learn about Relay for Life?

We knew of RFL long before we knew of Fantasy Faire.  There’s local chapters of RFL all over the CD’s home town.   The CD first heard of it in Second Life years ago and took part having owned a club that sponsored one of the teams involved in it.  She’s participated in it every year since.

7. We all have our own reasons to getting involved in RFL. What is yours?

The biggest reasons being that in years past as other types of creation we’ve taken part of FF and enjoyed it, both for the exposure and opportunity to help out a worthy cause.  The same holds true to this year.

8. You do not only sponsor a sim, you also sell donation items. What kind of items will you offer for donation and how did you choose them?

Our donation items are ‘Booshitars’ – avatar versions of a few of the Booshie creatures that players of Booshies will encounter while playing the game.  While you want to play with Booshies you can be one!

To learn more about the Booshies visit their website. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. We are looking forward to meeting the Booshies in person soon!


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