Fantasy Faire… Extended!

I had a chat with the Grid Gremlins about their mischief making on Thursday and we came to an accord. The Fantasy Faire will stay open ONE MORE DAY because of their hijinks and they promise to behave!

For all those who want one last look at sims, to see their beauty and capture pictures, to finish the Fairelands Saga Hunt and collect the hoard of prizes our Faire Merchants have donated, and of course to SHOP, we will be keeping public access to the sims open through Monday, April 30. While we won’t have any official programming during the day, Fantasy Faire Radio will continue to bring us a great soundtrack to accompany your Faire explorations.

This is our opportunity to make up for the the less then perfect conditions we experienced on Thursday and allow everyone to full enjoy the Faire for the full NINE days we promised you. Help us spread the word!


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