Stories from the Regions: Tinkers Hollow

ColumnTinker’s Hollow
by Midnight Dae

I slithered down below the bar,
And strolled on my way, right through a star,
I twirled and I danced on a path made of candy,
With unicorns dancing and looking just dandy.

By marshmallow trees the crickets were playing,
In a lake made of chocolate, dolphin bubbles are swaying.
A column with tea cups squashed in between,
A dragon is nesting with eggs pink and green.


A mouse with a belly all bulging and sated,
An ivy clothed sprite on a flower that waited,
Green tea that turns red when it lands on a flower.
Mad teacups that whirl with incredible power.

My head is now spinning, not sure I’m quite sane,
But I’m never, NEVER touching that Klagu again!


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